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  • By my calculations, approximately 1 in every 2100 British people are currently in hospital with Covid:

    Explore the data on coronavirus in the UK.


    • Originally posted by Halfmiler2 View Post

      The Friday (1/8/21) early afternoon numbers:

      Globally: 88,117K cases & 1,897K deaths
      The USA: 21,766K cases & 368K deaths
      NY State: 1,094K cases & 38,673 deaths
      NYC only: 467K cases & 25,416 deaths
      NJ State: 517K cases & 19,756 deaths
      Bergen: 50,468 cases & 2,368 deaths

      NY, NJ, NYC, and Bergen County deaths include confirmed and probable deaths,

      NJ: 5,791 new cases, 112 new confirmed cases
      NY:18,831 new cases,165 new confirmed cases
      NJ has 3,669 hospitalizations.
      The Rt for NJ rose to 1.02,
      The NJ spot positivity test rate on Sunday was 15.47%
      The Saturday (1/9/21) early afternoon numbers:

      Globally: 89,123K cases & 1,915K deaths
      The USA: 22,049K cases & 371K deaths
      NY State: 1,111K cases & 38,846 deaths
      NYC only: 474K cases & 25,453 deaths
      NJ State: 523K cases & 19,854 deaths
      Bergen: 50,967 cases & 2,376 deaths

      Global numbers exclude China (87K cases, 4.6K deaths) which hasn’t reported any deaths in 9 months.

      NJ: 6,435 new cases (record),102 new conf. deaths
      NY: 16,943 new cases, 190 new confirmed deaths
      NJ has 3,638 & NY has 8,527 hospitalizations.
      The Rt for NJ rose for the 5th day. It is now 1.05.
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      • Releasing more vaccines for first doses could create more problems than it solves


        • In the FT today...

          Is ‘first dose first’ the right vaccination strategy?

          But the shift to “first dose first” creates other dangers. One is vaccine resistance. Half-vaccinated people encourage vaccine-resistant strains of the virus. Some scientists think this is a modest risk compared to the selection pressure from millions of people who have already developed some immunity after infection. Others think it is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

          A further problem is public trust. The UK’s move smacks of desperation, and the detail behind the JCVI’s recommendation has not been published. People have been vaccinated with the promise of a second dose, only to be told the second dose will be delayed; some will feel betrayed.


          • I posted this in the retirement thread (vaulting twins Lexi and Tori have retired)

            This might be premature but I wonder if this is the first of some retirements driven by the decreasing prospects of the Olympics given the new, faster spreading strains (strains now, rather than just variants). Maybe this should go in the COVID thread but the faster spread means that the actions that were enough to quill spread and what people have gotten used to will be inadequate, maybe by a lot. Ireland hit a peak Rt of 2.1 (i.e., one person spreads, on average, to 2.1 other people, the R that powers a nuclear chain reaction). However, strong measures instituted ten days ago has lowered the estmated Rt to 1.2. The rate of climb might also be exaggerated because of delayed reporting and testing over Christmas.


            • Originally posted by Trickstat View Post
              By my calculations, approximately 1 in every 2100 British people are currently in hospital with Covid:

              That link shows the number of new 'net' hospitalizations as 597. But there were also 1035 new deaths. Adding those two imply to about 1600 people had to be hospitalized that day even assuming no one left the hospital except to go to the morgue. Adding another 500 semi-recovered takes the daily new hospitalizations to 2100 (if I am interpreting the data correctly. In Madison/Dane County there is both a count of those ever hospitalized and those currently in the hospital.


              • Originally posted by 18.99s View Post
                Heart damage found in Ohio State athletes:

                Researchers from Ohio State University found that 30% of more than two dozen student athletes who recovered from COVID-19 exhibited cellular heart damage, and 15% showed signs of heart inflammation.
                Much better news from more recent results; rather than post here go read the portions of Eric Topol's Twitter. If you are not looking at it regularly you are missing the breaking news and not having it filtered so much by journalists that are not as scientifically sophisticated (no disrespect for the journalists, but the nature of the expertise of each)


                • Originally posted by TN1965 View Post
                  Dozens of residents die at Belgian care home after Santa visit

                  At least 26 residents of a Belgian retirement home have died since a visit by a volunteer dressed as Saint Nicholas who has since tested positive for Covid-19.

                  And 47 medical personnel in an ER got infected mainly from a some inflated Christmas thing. My eldest is working as an EMT in California and when she goes to a nursing home the test the crew first before they (and anyone else, even though they had been there a day or two before and were tested then) are allowed to enter the facility. And they were vaccinated on December 28 (first dose, Moderna, I think) and now 12 days later has decent if not great protection. It was administered by the hospital where they do most of the transportation (there is really one main Hospital in Santa Cruz and surrounding area), so likely very good protocols.


                  • Originally posted by Conor Dary View Post
                    Releasing more vaccines for first doses could create more problems than it solves

                    That's scary shit.


                    • Originally posted by tandfman View Post
                      That's scary shit.

                      Despite promises that the United States would have 100 million people vaccinated by the end of 2020, only 6.6 million peoplehave to date.
                      Where is the bottleneck? The United States lacks a clear and coordinated vaccine strategy. Since the vaccine first became available four weeks ago, more than 22 million doses have been sent to the states. Less than a third of these have actually been given, mostly to health-care workers and nursing home residents.


                      • Meanwhile....

                        Germany purchased extra 30 million doses of the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine, outside the EU’s joint buying program. There's no way around it: Berlin violates an EU agreement to not negotiate in parallel with vaccine manufacturers. 1/4


                        • meanwhile, in England...

                          Lockdown measures in England need to be stricter to achieve the same impact as the March shutdown, scientists advising the government have said.

                          The new more infectious variant requires tougher measures to control the spread of Covid, say scientists.


                          • Tier 5 coming...


                            • Meanwhile...

                              Gottlieb says vaccine strategy "not working" and U.S. needs "to hit the reset" button

                              Roughly 22.1 million doses of the coronavirus vaccines have been distributed and nearly 6.7 million people have received their first of two doses, according to the CDC.


                              • Covid-19: Hancock warns flexing of rules 'could be fatal'

                                Health Secretary Matt Hancock says the NHS is under "very serious pressure" and warns people to stay home.