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  • AstraZeneca safety concerns come amid high demand in lower-income nations


    • meanwhile, in the blood clot department...

      Under 30s receiving the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab are exposed to the same level of risk as they would be when “taking a long haul flight”, Matt Hancock has said.

      The health secretary defended the use of the vaccine in 18-to-29-year-olds on Wednesday, and urged people who have already had one dose to come forward for their second.


      • Originally posted by Conor Dary View Post
        Most U.S. infections are now caused by a contagious new virus variant, the C.D.C. says.

        A highly infectious variant of the coronavirus that was first identified in Britain has now become the most common source of new infections in the United States, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Wednesday — a worrisome development that comes as officials and scientists warn of a fourth possible virus surge.

        Federal health officials said in January that the B.1.1.7 variant, which began surging in Britain in December and has since slammed Europe, could become the dominant source of coronavirus infections in United States, leading to a wrenching increase in cases and deaths.
        And still to come: the P1 from Brazil. Reinfected 60% of a Brazilian county. It's already here in Michigan where there is a group of Brazilians.


        • Financial Times

          African Union halts buying AstraZeneca jab

          Disease control head says decision not related to concerns over blood clots


          The African Union has decided to stop plans to secure Oxford/AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccines because of supply concerns from India’s Serum Institute.

          The Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention will instead focus on the single-shot vaccine from Johnson & Johnson, said John Nkengasong, the AU’s disease control unit’s director.


          • Financial Times...

            India reels from a new wave of Covid-19

            Now India is paying for its imprudence, reeling from an alarming second wave of Covid-19 that threatens to overwhelm a healthcare system yet to recover from a gruelling year. From around 11,000 new infections daily in February, the country recorded more than 126,265 new cases on Wednesday. The virus is spreading at ferocious speed: it took just six weeks for daily new infections to surge by a magnitude that took three months last year.

            “The trajectory is very scary right now,” virologist Shahid Jameel, of Ashoka University, told me. “This kind of surge is going to be catastrophic.”

            Until this week, India had few restrictions on commercial, social or public activity, and many Indians saw little cause for worry. But doctors on the front lines are now sounding the alarm. “This is going to overwhelm us in a very big, and a very bad way,” said Dr Sushila Kataria of Medanta Hospital, which now has 200 Covid-19 inpatients, up from 30 in early March.

            Mumbai pulmonologist Zarir Udwadia, who believes the current surge is driven by a new, more infectious variant, says the prominent Breach Candy Hospital now has a waiting list of 150 Covid-19 patients seeking admission. “It’s impossible to get a bed for love or money,” Udwadia said. “The ICUs are full of ventilated patients and wards of patients who need oxygen.”


            • Meanwhile...

              Johnson & Johnson vaccine deliveries plunge as company backs off previous April target

              The company has stopped repeating public promises to deliver 24 million more doses this month, and the government slashed allocations to states to just 700,000 doses next week



              • Meanwhile...

                Very few of the Asia-Pacific countries that were successful in suppressing Covid are vaccinating rapidly. Understandable for poorer nations, baffling for others. (Singapore left off the graph because at 28 doses / 100 people, it's doing so well it distorts the axis)



                • AstraZeneca has slashed the number of Covid-19 shots it will deliver to EU nations this week by almost half. The company now expects to deliver 1.3m doses to the EU's 27 member states, plus Iceland and Norway, down from the 2.6m forecast it made in March



                  • Complacency and Missteps Deepen a Covid-19 Crisis in India

                    The new wave will hurt global efforts and vaccine supplies, experts say. Researchers are scrambling to assess whether new coronavirus variants are playing a role in India.



                    • Financial Times..

                      AstraZeneca halves Covid jabs for EU

                      Frustration grows after delayed testing leads to reduction in deliveries


                      AstraZeneca has slashed the number of Covid-19 vaccines it will deliver to EU nations this week by almost half, causing a hold-up that the company claimed would be temporary and was because of delayed testing of a batch.

                      The company expects to deliver 1.3m doses to the EU’s 27 member states, plus Iceland and Norway, down from the 2.6m forecast it made in mid-March, according to documents seen by the Financial Times.

                      The delay has caused frustration, as it comes after the company had dramatically revised down its forecasts for EU deliveries in recent months, delivering about a quarter of maximum targeted supplies in the first quarter and more than halving projections for the second.


                      • At least 300,000 more people died last year during the coronavirus pandemic than were reported in Russia’s most widely cited official statistics.
                        The official Russian coronavirus death toll of 102,649 as of Saturday — reported on state television and to the World Health Organization — is far lower, when adjusted for the population, than that of United States and most of Western Europe.
                        However, a far different story is told by the official statistics agency Rosstat, which tallies deaths from all causes. Russia saw a jump of 360,000 deaths above normal from last April through December, according to a Times analysis of historical data. Rosstat figures for January and February of this year show that the number is now well above 400,000.


                        • Financial Times..

                          China to mix and match jabs after worries over homegrown vaccines

                          • Efficacy doubts spur doses rethink • Impact on global deals • Phase 3 data unpublished

                          A recent study of the effectiveness of Chile’s vaccination programme found the efficacy of a single dose of the Sinovac jab was only 3 per cent, compared with 56 per cent with two shots. However, local health experts have not linked the latest wave to the vaccine’s efficacy rate.

                          Social-media posts on Gao’s remarks were swiftly censored, according to Yanzhong Huang, a senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations. “It is the first time . . . a government official publicly admitted that the protection rate is a concern in the vaccination drive,” Huang added. China had administered 65m doses across the country by the middle of March.

                          Unlike other vaccine producers, China’s manufacturers have not published their phase 3 trial data, leading to accusations of a lack of transparency on the vaccine’s effectiveness on different groups.


                          • Effectiveness of Chinese vaccines ‘not high’ and needs improvement, top health official says



                            • Originally posted by Halfmiler2 View Post

                              Weekly Update:
                              The Monday (4/5/21) afternoon number:

                              Global: 131.252 million cases & 2,849K deaths
                              The USA: 30.925 million cases & 561K deaths
                              NY State: 1,897K cases & 40,813 deaths
                              NJ State: 817K cases & 22,081 deaths
                              Bergen: 82,096 cases & 2,453 deaths

                              Global numbers exclude China (90.1K cases, 4.6K deaths) as unreliable.
                              NY, NJ, & Bergen County (NJ) numbers include confirmed only - not probable cases & deaths.

                              NJ has 2,292 & NY has 4,373 hospitalizations.
                              The Rt in NJ is 1.07.
                              The recent NJ spot positivity test rate is 9.14%.
                              4.7 million NJ vaccine shots - 529K in Bergen.
                              1.8 million fully vaccinated in NJ -27% of adults.

                              7-day daily averages:

                              Global: 0.993 million cases & 16.5K deaths
                              The USA: 100 K cases & 1.4K deaths
                              NY State: 7.6 cases & 60.4 deaths
                              NJ State: 3.5K cases & 31 deaths
                              Bergen: 402 cases & 2.6 deaths
                              Weekly Update:
                              The Monday (4/12/21) afternoon numbers:

                              Global: 136.047 million cases & 2,934K deaths
                              The USA: 31.397 million cases & 568K deaths
                              NY State: 1,955K cases & 41,198 deaths
                              NJ State: 839K cases & 22,323 deaths
                              Bergen: 84,265 cases & 2,470 deaths

                              NJ has 2,261 & NY has 4,118 hospitalizations.
                              The Rt for NJ has dropped under 1.0 to 0.94.
                              The recent NJ spot positivity test rate was 8.39%
                              5.44 million NJ vaccine shots - 611K in Bergen.
                              2.19 million fully vaccinated in NJ- 32% of adults

                              7-day daily averages:
                              Global: 0.685 million cases & 12K deaths
                              The USA: 0.067 million cases & 0.9K deaths
                              NY State: 8.3K cases & 55 deaths
                              NJ State: 3.2K cases & 35 deaths
                              Bergen: 310 cases & 2.4 deaths
                              Last edited by Halfmiler2; 04-13-2021, 02:53 AM.


                              • Taiwan recorded the 11th confirmed death, the first since March 6. They are once again behind Vietnam, which has 35 confirmed deaths among 98 million people.


                                Cambodia did not have confirmed death until March 11, but then added 29 more since then. They are now behind Vietnam, Taiwan, Bhutan and Thailand.

                                TImor Leste recorded their first confirmed death on April 9. And now Laos is the only country over 1 million population without any confirmed death. (Not counting North Korea and Turkmenistan, of course.)