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  • Originally posted by Halfmiler2 View Post
    So far seven universities have made team cuts blamed on coronavirus forcing budget reductions. Only Akron (Men’s XC) and FIU (Men’s Indoor T & F) affecting our sport. But more universities are taking a look.
    Central Michigan just cut men's track (story on home page)


    • Covid Patients Testing Positive After Recovery Aren’t Infectious, Study Shows. They’re shedding only dead virus.


      • New York no longer the hottest infection spot

        Navajo Nation surpasses New York state for the highest Covid-19 infection rate in the US


        • Macao closed their last case. (45 in total, no death).

          Hong Kong has 27 cases left, Taiwan has 32.


          • Originally posted by Pego View Post

            There is such a thing called professional integrity.
            Exactly....and setting a good example...


            • Originally posted by Conor Dary View Post
              Exactly....and setting a good example...
              That ship has sailed . . . struck a reef and sank.

              Originally posted by Halfmiler2 View Post
              I’d predict that we have seen gasoline prices hit bottom and are about to tick up.
              Thanks for jinxing me. I just set a new PR - biggest jump in gas cost between filling (2 weeks). It had been $1.25 the last two times I went and today is was $1.55/gal. I know that's still low, but jeez, 30 cents jump?!
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              • Annie Glenn, 100, famed astronaut’s widow, dies of COVID-19



                • Originally posted by Halfmiler2 View Post
                  Crude oil is back up to $32.52 and gasoline wholesale futures are back over $1.00 as I post. Add into it that the cars on the road is picking up a bit and gas prices usually reflect the switch to summer blend about his time of year, and I’d predict that we have seen gasoline prices hit bottom and are about to tick up. But I defer to Lonewolf’s expert knowledge.
                  Thanks for the compliment but I don't think there is a consensus of "experts" on oil/gasoline prices. But, I hope, pray and believe you are correct in your assumption.. I think with diminishing virus threat, increased seasonal demand and resumption of manufacturing, we will see a slow return to a sustainable balance of supply/demand.


                  • the topic of Hydroxycholoroquine is now its own thread in Things Not Track, but as noted there, if the tone of the conversation doesn't improve—and quickly—the whole topic will become off-limits.


                    • Originally posted by Halfmiler2 View Post

                      The Monday (5/18/20) early afternoon numbers:

                      Worldwide: 4,711K (+1%) cases & 315K (+1%) deaths
                      The USA: 1,516K (+1%) cases & 89,932(+0%) deaths
                      New York: 351K (+1%) cases & 22,619 (+1%) deaths
                      NYC Only: 196K (+0%) cases & 15,171 (+1%) deaths
                      New Jersey: 148K(+1%)cases & 10,435(+1%) deaths
                      Bergen Co.: 17,459(+1%)cases & 1,460(+0%) deaths

                      NYC deaths are only confirmed cases today.
                      The Tuesday (5/19/20) early afternoon numbers:

                      Worldwide: 4,846K (+3%) cases & 319K (+1%) deaths
                      The USA. : 1,510K(+0%)cases & 90,432 (+1%) deaths
                      New York : 356K (+1%) cases & 23,843 (+1%) deaths
                      NYC Only: 198K (+1%) cases & 20,806 (+1%) deaths
                      New Jersey:149K (+1%) cases &10,596 (+1%) deaths
                      Bergen Co.:17,522(+0%)cases & 1,474 (+1%) deaths

                      NYC death numbers are back to including “probable” cases (over 5K) to confirmed cases. Over the weekend, we only had confirmed cases for NYC. Other state and local numbers continue to be only confirmed cases.

                      It is a good sign that the percentage increase of deaths at all levels is only 1% at all levels despite Tuesday sometimes have slightly inflated increases due to lagging reporting from the weekend.

                      Bergen County has really leveled off. Only 14 new deaths reported on Tuesday after three days of single digits. And new confirmed cases were less than a half percent. Bergen has been overtaken by Essex County (Including Newark) In deaths and Hudson County (including Jersey City) in cases despite having the larger population of the three. But it is the most suburban of the three counties.

                      NJ Governor Murphy announced that Car Dealers can have customers meet with them in-person again.
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                      • Meanwhile...good news...

                        "It's a positive development, it shows that this vaccine can produce an immune response," says
                        on early results from Moderna's Phase 1 #COVID19 vaccine trial. "There's a lot of work ahead. They need to figure out what the right dose is for this vaccine."



                        • However....

                          Vaccine experts say Moderna didn’t produce data critical to assessing Covid-19 vaccine

                          While Moderna blitzed the media, it revealed very little information — and most of what it did disclose were words, not data. That’s important: If you ask scientists to read a journal article, they will scour data tables, not corporate statements. With science, numbers speak much louder than words.

                          Even the figures the company did release don’t mean much on their own, because critical information — effectively the key to interpreting them — was withheld.

                          Experts suggest we ought to take the early readout with a big grain of salt. Here are a few reasons why.



                          • The whole Moderna thing will probably just end up being a classic stock market 'pump & dump'. There will undoubtedly be a lot of those in the coming months . . . .


                            • One would hope not....that would be pretty horrible....CNBC this morning...

                              "In an environment like this just personally I wouldn't be buying my company stock, and I wouldn't be selling my company stock," says @ScottGottliebMD

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                              • Fairly informative dashboard provided by the Texas Medical Center in Houston --

                                Will be interesting to see the numbers after a couple weeks of loosened restrictions. I do wish they weren't reopening bars, even at 25% capacity, or gyms quite yet.