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  • 1.609
    Originally posted by gh View Post
    meanwhile, in the great white north...

    Organizer of B.C. hospital protests, Kristen Nagle, recently claimed that you can't catch a virus

    The fired intensive-care nurse also suggested that polio and Spanish flu were not caused by viruses, and that rabies arises from malnourishment and mistreatment
    Pardon my sarcasm, but "we" should strike a deal with China.

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  • Halfmiler2
    The good news today is that NJ reported its Replacement rate (Rt) has fallen to 0.99 from its recent peak of 1.51. This is the first time it is under 1.00 since early July. A rate under 1.00 means the the pandemic is contracting instead of expanding.

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  • Halfmiler2
    Originally posted by Halfmiler2 View Post

    Weekly Update:
    The Monday (8/30/21) afternoon numbers:

    Cumulative Numbers:
    Global: 216.570 million cases & 4,501K deaths
    The USA: 38.344 million cases & 648.1K deaths
    NY State: 2,252.8K cases & 43,533 deaths
    NJ State: 950.2K cases & 24,133 deaths
    Bergen: 95,786 cases & 2,616 deaths

    NJ & NY Detail:
    NJ has 1,034 & NY has 2,148 hospitalizations
    The Rt for NJ fell to 1.11.
    The recent positivity rate for NJ: 5.35%, & NY: 3.3%
    NY confirmed + probable deaths = 53,973.
    NJ confirmed + probable deaths = 26,864

    7-day Average Daily Numbers (14-day for Bergen):
    Global: 661K cases & 10K deaths
    The USA: 156K cases & 1.3K deaths
    NY State: 4,687 cases & 29 deaths
    NJ State: 1,676 cases & 14 deaths
    Bergen: 152 cases & 0.7 deaths
    Weekly Update:
    The Labor Day (9/6/21) afternoon numbers:

    Cumulative Number:
    Global: 220.780 million cases & 4,567K deaths
    The USA: 40.517 million cases & 659.3K deaths
    NY State: 2,289.4K cases & 43,750 deaths
    NJ State: 962.0 cases & 24,221 deaths
    Bergen: 96,752 cases & 2,617 deaths

    Above Global numbers exclude China which has reported no deaths in over a year. NY, NJ, & Bergen numbers include confirmed but not probable numbers.

    NJ & NY Detail:
    The Rt for NJ fell to 1.04 from summer high of 1.51.
    Hospitalization fell to 1,015 in NJ & 2,359 in NY.
    Positivity rates were 5.36% in NJ & 3.3% in NY.
    Including probable numbers, NJ deaths are 26,953 & NY deaths are 54,172.

    7-day Daily Averages:
    Global: 601K cases & 9.5K deaths
    The USA: 325K cases & 1.6K deaths
    NY State: 5.2K cases & 31 deaths
    NJ State: 1.7K cases & 12.6 deaths
    Bergen: 138 cases & 0.1 deaths

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  • Tuariki
    Originally posted by scottmitchell74 View Post

    What has been the cause of the delay?
    Like Australia we were slow to get started. Because we were in a good position as far as covid-19 cases our Government didn't try to exert pressure to get early supplies.

    As of yesterday 30% of eligible population have had 2 Pfizer doses. 58% have at least 1 dose.

    We are on track to be fully vaccinated by year end, except for the anti vax nutjobs.

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  • scottmitchell74
    Originally posted by Tuariki View Post

    Good chance of that. New cases today = 20.
    What has been the cause of the delay?
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