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non-sexual abuse of young athletes


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    This is a nuts video.... Ross Tucker...

    Today’s entrant in the race to the bottom of children’s sports, via


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      Originally posted by TN1965 View Post
      She is not exactly "young" any more, but...

      Bobsledder Humphries left Canada over alleged abuse. The move might cost her an Olympics. (

      Kaillie Humphries, the world's most successful female bobsled driver, lives an American life with her American husband in an American townhouse on an American cul-de-sac about a mile from the first American Legoland. A Team USA flag flutters beside her front door.

      Humphries received her US citizenship today. She's good to go for Beijing.
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        That's good, assuming there will be Beijing Olympics next year...


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          Originally posted by guru View Post
          Humphries received her US citizenship today. She's good to go for Beijing.
          From another article:

          Initially told she might not be granted citizenship in time for Beijing, Humphries’ cause was bolstered by the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee and USA Bobsled, as well as Congressional representatives from both parties.

          Humphries never asked for special treatment, said her immigration attorney, John Exner. They instead made the case that she qualified for the process by which approval for citizenship can be expedited.
          I wonder how she did that and what that process is. She got married in 2019, and US citizenship* via marriage requires being married to a US citizen for 3 years, so the earliest she could get it via the standard marriage route would be sometime in 2022.

          She's not in the US military, so she couldn't qualify for expedited citizenship that way. The other expedited option I'm aware of is for spouses of the military, US diplomats, and certain other employees of the US government who are posted overseas, but it doesn't appear her husband is in any of those categories.

          I became a US citizen via the usual 5 year process (plus several years on visas before I got a green card), and during that time I was hunting for faster ways to get it done and couldn't find any options that I qualified for.

          *not to be conflated with green card via marriage, which can be as fast as 3 months.
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            I suspect Humphries' request to expedite fell under "Emergencies and urgent humanitarian reasons"


            Edit: On second read it's more likely this - "... the inability to travel for work that would result in job loss might warrant expedited treatment."

            Considering she needs a US passport in order to do her "job" at the Olympics this seems more applicable.
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              She has been living in the US since 2016. And given she is an Olympic gold medalist, she probably had a green card long before her marriage in 2019.

              If she was eligible for Eb-1a, the processing time is usually 5-6 months, and as short as 15 days for premium processing.


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                This one is not entirely non-sexual, but I guess the main part is physical and emotional abuse.

                Purdue-Fort Wayne volleyball coach gone as more players come forward alleging sexual abuse (

                Six more players have come forward with allegations of physical, emotional and sexual abuse against former volleyball coach Alexis Meeks-Rydell, including a player saying Meeks-Rydell forced her to cuddle in hotel beds on trips to away games.


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                  Originally posted by guru View Post

                  Humphries received her US citizenship today. She's good to go for Beijing.
                  And she won her first gold medal representing Team USA.


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                    Florida Women's Soccer Coach Tony Amato Fired After Player Complaints About Behavior | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights

                    The University of Florida fired women's soccer coach Tony Amato on Wednesday amid player complaints about his conduct.

                    Florida athletics director Scott Stricklin released a statement saying there was "a disconnect between [Amato] and his athletes":


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                      I know a current high school senior who choose her college in large part because the head track coach has a reputation of not being very pushy compared to most other head coaches. She is willing to run slower times on a slower team in exchange for feeling confident that her college experience won't become abusive.

                      She told me about some of the other coaches recruiting her that "If they act that abrasively while recruiting me, how much worse are they going to be when I'm running for them?"

                      Ironically, I know another runner (at a different college) who didn't like her college coach because the coach was too nice. You can't please everyone.


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                        Originally posted by RunningInCircles View Post
                        You can't please everyone.


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                          US Olympic medalist, renowned figure skating coach suspended over physical, emotional misconduct


                          The U.S. Center for SafeSport suspended 1988 U.S. Olympic pairs bronze medalist and renowned figure skating coach Peter Oppegard Monday after an investigation of allegations of physical abuse, according to emails obtained by USA TODAY Sports and two people questioned by SafeSport.


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                            Oppegard was a bronze medalist in pairs skating in 1988 (with Jill Watson)


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                              Somewhat related to non-sexual abuse...ISU proposes raising minimum age to 17 ...


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                                NCAA: Cynthia Cooper-Dyke accused of abuse, faced Title IX hearing (

                                Women's basketball icon and former Texas Southern coach Cynthia Cooper-Dyke used abusive and sexual language, endangered players' physical and mental health with excessive punishments, and avoided a Title IX hearing on complaints by retiring ahead of it, The Athletic reported Thursday. It reportedly followed a pattern of Cooper-Dyke leaving programs for other jobs after allegations were made to school administrators.