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Eugene fire situation [split]


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    Originally posted by J Rorick View Post

    We've (from California) stayed quite a few places on the Oregon coast. Just curious (nosy) where you're renting. Guessing between Newport and Yachats. But possibly north of there. Our favorite is much further south (Bandon - the town not the resorts).
    We're in Waldport. On short notice mrs. hammy used to find us up to two weeks at someplace decent on the coast and this place showed up. A good find (both the town & hotel) considering the constraints. Our favorite place is also in Bandon but was not available for the long-haul on 12-hours notice. There are tons of airbnb-type places up and down the coast that we'd look into next time, but on short notice we didn't think of it - there was lots going on.

    Initially the motivation was to avoid being part of a mass evacuation of Springfield/Eugene (which fortunately never happened) & avoid the nightly power outages in our neighborhood but now it's great not being part of the smoke & ash show back home.


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      The morning check shows the fire is much smaller now but air quality's still sucky (that's a technical air quality term meaning very bad) with a high of 570; on the west side of town most number are under 400, which is a major improvement; the numbers on the coast are sub-200.

      Officially the fire is 5% contained, with more fire crews and cooperative weather helping out. In other positive news there's been some downgrading of evacuation orders in outlying areas but most are still in place.

      This article is a good update on the overall situation:

      Fire map from today:

      091420 7am fire map.JPG

      For comparison, the fire map from Wednesday, 9-9:

      090920 fire map.JPG


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        AQI down to 402 at 5pm!


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          Actual visible blue sky and sunshine on the OR coast today, the first time I've opened the windows, and also walked around outside since we got here last Wednesday evening. Progress is being made . . . **

          ** Back in the day when I was a non-management tech guy I'd have to occasionally substitute for my boss at some boring-assed waste-of-time management staff meeting. Inevitably I'd be asked some question about a project that my boss was responsible for that I had no idea about. My stock answer was "our best people are working on it and progress is being made." It always got a laugh.


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            Headline - Hazy skies: Smoke from West Coast fires travels cross-country to New York City

            Lede -
            Smoke from the West Coast wildfires has reached the Tri-State area.

            The New York City sky was hazy on Monday as a result of the smoke becoming caught in the jet streams and traveling to the East Coast.


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              353 now...and the sun looked almost normal.


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                I just surfed across the A's-Mariners game and from the catcher-cam out to center field the view is like Sherlock Holmes stalking the fog-ridden moors in Hound of the Baskervilles.


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                  The morning report: The active fire satellite snapshot looks to be about the same as yesterday. Firefighters are now lighting backfires to clear brush in some areas which could account for some of this. Fire now 6% contained. Around 750 firefighters now on the job, but dense fog combined with the smoke limits their efforts due to lack of visibility.

                  Air quality is still very bad in Eugene/Springfield (584 in east Springfield) but under 200 in southwest Eugene/Veneta, under 100 on the coast. mrs. hammy and I opened the windows for the first time yesterday afternoon and left them open overnight here on the coast in Waldport. Weather folks are forecasting bad air in Eugene through Saturday.

                  There has been some further relaxation of evacuation orders.

                  The latest news overview:

                  This morning's fire map:

                  091520 730am fire map.JPG


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                    Only 286 at Amazon Park at 9am.


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                      Rain is predicted to finally hit Thursday night when a low pressure system will move in, bringing moisture and a little bit of wind. It's too far in the future for forecasters to be sure how much rain will fall, but Kranz is confident the area will see "enough for people to notice it, enough for it to wet the ground, and enough to improve the smoke."

                      Blue skies may be sighted on Saturday, after rain clears.

                      While residents may finally see a reprieve from the smoke toward the end of the week, it doesn't mean it's going to be gone forever. It's too far ahead for meteorologists to know for certain, Kranz cautions, but as rain causes fires to smolder the smoke will have to go somewhere.

                      "Don't let your guard down completely," Kranz said. "Just because those fires are still burning out there."



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                        We finally dropped below 200 up here. Yesterday was rough on me, today was much easier. We did get some rain, but very little wind.


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                          Bouncing around today. Down to 314 up to 360 now. Hazier than yesterday now.


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                            The feeling in Eugene now...


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                              Morning report: satellite fire map looks pretty much like yesterday's. Air quality is still 400+ in many locations with a high of 533 (the coast is reasonably clear). More minor relaxation of evacuation orders.


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                                Where do you get these readings?

                                AQI in Eugene 320 now. Looks about the same as yesterday.

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