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RIP Tom Kennedy


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  • RIP Tom Kennedy

    I grew up with an older sister who was a major fan of game shows and thus tend to enjoy them even to today with, as with many here it seems, Jeopardy has always been a favorite show...period...and going back to the days of Art Fleming. So I read today of the passing of Tom Kennedy who hosted many game shows during his time on TV.

    In the "I just learned something new" realm, Mr. Kennedy's real last name is Narz and is the younger brother of Jack Narz who was also a host of a number of game shows and a radio guy as well.

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    Back in 1975 I was on a game show hosted by Tom Kennedy. It was a daytime show called "Split Second." If you won the game for the day, you got an opportunity to choose one of 5 automobiles. If that car started up, you got it. If not, you came back for the next show and tried again (with 4 cars to choose from if you won). Tom Kennedy was very witty, personable and helpful in making all the contestants comfortable on stage. He was prohibited from any contact with the contestants outside of the actual stage filming, one of the rules put in place to prevent a recurrence of the 1950s game-show scandals.