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Tik Tok's algorithm


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  • Tik Tok's algorithm

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    I don't use Tik Tok, but I recognize that Google and the others are figuring out stuff for me in spooky ways. Not just from my search history, I have found that when I start to search a name or place after I have mentioned it in the presence of my phone, that is the first thing suggested, after just a few keystrokes.

    But after having my identity stolen at least twice, I just make the assumption that everyone already knows my deepest secrets.

    Good thing I am pretty boring....


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      My (kinda) smartphone, a gift from someone who was upgrading, has the TikTok app. I clicked it a few times. There was funny stuff, boring stuff, and stuff not suitable for younguns. I soon received a notice that my version was expired/obsolete. Not knowing how or inspired to upgrade, that was the end of TikTok for me so I don't know if it is tracking me or not.
      Locally, a 12-year-old boy died Sunday attempting a near strangulation stunt found on Tik Tok.


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        I draw the line at Tik Tok. I even tried Snapchat for about a week! But no Tik Tok.


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          There is nothing spooky or bad in an algorithm reacting to what you like and showing you more of that. It is how most social media work, and TikTok got it to another level