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    We felt John Stewart bombed - just wasn't funny -however, the LA Times gives him a fairly good review today as did the critics on the post-show coverage.


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      Im listening to a guy on a national radio show who loved Stewart and thought he showed a lot of courage.


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        Originally posted by SQUACKEE
        thought he showed a lot of courage.
        Hollywood loves the iconoclast, so 'courage' would only be necessary if you want to kiss up to them. As Geo Clooney said, he (they) like being 'outside the system' as it were. The audience looked like they loved him - don't know how he played in 'Middle America' (is there really such a place?); he's definitely an upscale 'urban' comedian.


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          Originally posted by gh
          Appreciating him requires pretty good general knowledge and a worldly view. The people in the Academy may be fabulous at their craft, but that doesn't mean they know much beyond their own little world.
          It sure doesn't stop them from lecturing everyone else about most other things. Not getting Stewart means they should just keep their mouths shut and stick to their craft. Clowns for the court.


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            Actually, the best part about Stewart (which I didn't consider in my "critique" of his performance) was that he and his team had to be responsible for the great Daily-Show like "commercials," which were utterly priceless. Overall, I'd say he earned a return trip.


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              I thought Jon Stewart did an excellent job. Loved the Bjørk-Cheney joke.

              I'll rank him behind Billy Crystal and Steve Martin but way ahead of Letterman, Chris Rock and Whoopi Goldberg.