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Who:s Your Favourite Villain? Why?


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    T BAG on "Prison Break " !!!


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      Tom Ripley from the Patricia Highsmith novels. Totally immoral. Damon did a pretty good job of portraying him in the movie.


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        Originally posted by Per Andersen
        BTW I see they just started selling Pabst Blue Ribbon beer in my local Liquor store here in British Columbia.
        Lucky you :evil: My first trip to Canada ('78 CG), there was a beer strike :cry: . Not only had only 'merican massed produced swill, but had to pay import prices. It was better the next year (WCup, Montreal).


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          Re: Who:s Your Favourite Villain? Why?

          Originally posted by EPelle
          Could be people like The Joker, The Riddler, or even Darth Vader. Who has been your favourite villain, and why? Could be that you just couldn:t wait to see his/her butt get kicked at the end of the show/film.

          Movie: the nutso Dennis Hopper played in "Blue Velvet." Made the hairs on my back stand up when he was in the front seat of the car sucking on that gas and talking to the sandwiched-between-thugs Kyle MacLachlan character in the back. As Robert Bloch (print) and Alfred Hitchcock (film) showed us with "Psycho," the scariest thing of all is someone who could actually exist, the guy next door. Jeffrey Dahmer, anyone?

          Comics: Far and away (as mentioned above), Doctor Doom from the Fantastic Four (Stan Lee and Jack Kirby). Lee used to write the greatest lines, like, "Bow to me...or DIE!"

          Other Doom lines off the top of my head:

          [Lackey]: "Master, I have surved you well, do I receive a reward...?"
          [Doom]: "I allow you to live. That is reward enough."

          [Angry and destroying his 5-star dinner]: "Bah! What mattes this tasteless fodder! This meaningless repast--?!!?"

          I always thought Lee must have just had a blast putting down that corny near-Shakesperian dialogue.

          I still tell my dogs to "Be good...or DIE!" just to freak out anybody listening. [Then I credit Doom/Lee, so they don't report me to the humane society.]

          P.S. Favorite hero/villain: Alex (as played by Malcolm McDowell) in "A Clockwork Orange."


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            They don't get much more evil than the guy who's nuking us on 24 these days.