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Worst Shafting in hisory of Boxing !


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  • Worst Shafting in hisory of Boxing !

    this is old news, but it may truly be the worst shafting in the history of boxing ( i only saw a thread on it today ) : ... l-marquez/

    a little background to help you:

    marrquez was/is an excellent fighter who until last year was ibf
    champ & also the wba-super champ ( the wba uniquely has a fantastical set-up, where, if you are the reigning wba champ & then win the title of one of the other top 2 alphabet boyz ( wbc or ibf ( i don't believe they include the bullshit wbo title at present, but they soon will, as it makes great financial sense ) you get "upgraded" to wba-super champ status & the "ordinary" wba title becomes vacant ( it may also work if you are a reigning wbc or/& ibf champ & then win the "normal" wba title - you get immediately upgraded to wba-super champ & the "normal" wba title is immediately won & then vacated ))

    this makes excellent racketeering sense as you immediately have 2 world titles for the wba & hence can charge 2 sets of sanctioning fees

    now, marquez was ibf/wba-super champ

    the ibf then magically elevated a complete bum to their number 1 slot ( the mandatory )

    unsurprisingly, marquez' promoter coudn't find any tv outlet to sell this bout to & chances are if the promoter arranged a non-tv-broadcast , arena-gate money-only meet, not enough fans woud turn up thru the turnstiles to cover the cost of the 2 fighters pay, sanctioning fees,etc

    marquez' promoter wouda probably have lost $100k+ on this bout & appears, simply refused to take the temporary pain ( marquez has made him enough money in the past & shoud do so in the future ) & simply shafted his fighter by not setting up the fight & the ibf stripped marquez of their title

    now, for the part that is the worst shafting in boxing history :

    marquez no longer being ibf champ, led the wba to decide that marquez coud no longer be wba-super champ as he didn't currently also hold another alphabet boyz title, so, he was stripped of the wba-super title, but coud not be given the "normal" wba title, as some other guy had won this in the mean time !

    marquez was "only" installed as number 1 contender for the wba title

    in summary:

    marquez went in 1 instant from being

    ibf/wba-super champ


    wba number 1 contender

    without even getting into a ring !!!

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    This kind of machination in the pro boxing has been around forever.
    In the ring the biggest shafting was Roy Jones in Seoul.
    "A beautiful theory killed by an ugly fact."
    by Thomas Henry Huxley


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      Originally posted by Pego
      This kind of machination in the pro boxing has been around forever.
      In the ring the biggest shafting was Roy Jones in Seoul.

      that was the worst actual ring shafting in history

      poor marquez got the worst outta ring shafting in history


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        Leonard - Hagler - if the pretty boy won that, I'm Dutch.

        3rd Norton - Ali fight - Ali freak I am, but I know who won that fight....

        1st Lewis - Holyfield - for fuck's sake....

        Blood pressure rising, must stop...