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Grass vs Track conversion - help!


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    Originally posted by El Toro View Post

    These things always are. Make sure you apply that new found knowledge to your assessment of the ongoing maintenance effort as well. A detailed spreadsheet of every issue and cost is important along with a realistic assessment of time and money.

    It's too easy to get carried away with enthusiasm at the beginning and create a monster that needs constant feeding. This is especially true if you have an enthusiastic team - that situation is hard to maintain.

    You need to plan for half as many people, half as motivated as the best possible upper limit of operating capacity. There will be times when even that seems optimistic.

    My old club closed down a few years ago in large part because of the burden of club organisation and track maintenance eventually fell to just a few people for too long a period.

    I'd rather deal with UXO than share a venue with a team sport. The track is just time and effort that gives you back what you put in. Dealing with another organisation is political and political situations also require time and effort but with no guarantee that you get anything out of it.
    Thanks for the support! Good ideas.
    We can get some financial assist if we combine with 'the soccer people' to have a soccer pitch in the interior. However, I've been warned that letting soccer people near a grass track could be a bad fit as they will likely play on the grass lanes, tearing them up. Ironically they suggest a dirt track, which is what I'm trying to get away from.

    I like the idea of a track only facility with interior jump pits and throwing circles. It looks like we may have to go with a 300 meter track at one site (without the soccer people), as it's a little too cramped for a 400m oval.

    Not sure how this thread got put into "Things Not T&F"


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      Originally posted by Wiederganger View Post

      Thank you!

      I havent competed for years, but the aim was to do so this year - then hurt the achilles - so pushed back to next year, and now this hamstring tear!

      Just masters events, of course. Mid life crisis type aim.
      You're welcome. I've heard it takes three years of training regularly as a Master to be able to compete to the best of your ability in the sprints. Not sure about the other events.

      I wish you much success!


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        Originally posted by Tuariki View Post
        I had a great day on my local grass track today running at 4min 16 seconds pace for a mile.

        A pity I only made to the 100m mark
        Not bad for a thrower!


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          Originally posted by Fortius19 View Post
          We can get some financial assist if we combine with 'the soccer people' to have a soccer pitch in the interior.
          Aaaahhh, the siren's song of joint facilities that lures many poor unfortunates to their doom!

          Unless you have a guaranteed neutral and fair minded overlord to balance the needs of both sports, you run a 99%+ chance of coming out behind. If that means a smaller venue to gain self control, that's probably preferable but you need to give strong consideration to the extra problems that come with that. Money might be your first from the sound of it!

          Will you be able to cover all the events you want to? A 300m track is usable for runners and I've run on 300m tracks that were scaled down 400m tracks and these are pretty good but I've run on a 300m track (actually 316m, for stupid reasons...) that had one straight and "one" long curve that actually had three different radii. The latter type is not so good.

          But a 300m track is much more limited than a 400m track, so you might need to consider the number of events you cover or have very strong timetabling to manage it.

          Long throws will have enough space if only throwers are there at the time but trying to have long throws and jumpers inside the track plus runners all at the same time is much trickier with a 300m track than a full sized one. You can mitigate this if you can have staggered training sessions or move jumps or throws training outside, or some combination.

          The need for this will depend on the standard of athletes you expect and the quality of your layout. If your long throwers will be <50-55m then you should be OK with a good layout and cages. However, I've thrown at small venues with some stupid layouts with throws landing on the track at those distances.