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    Since I did not understand the remark about a cult, permit me to return this interesting thread to its original topic.

    Mostly male?
    Mostly age 50 or older?
    Mostly from the United States?
    Mostly caucasian?
    Mostly former or current athletes (even if just a jogger)?
    Guilty on all counts.

    Mostly from one state or another?
    From the “where you have lived” thread


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      Good idea to re-track...

      Born in Canton, OH in 1974 - Have been to the HOF 12 times, last time on Christmas Eve, 2012
      Blonde (what's left)
      Blue (more slate-blue now)
      Christian (Non Denominational)
      Republican (But wish there was a Third Party that met in the sensible middle)
      5'8" 155-165 for years now.

      Have lived in order: Ohio, Kentucky, Mali, West Africa, Kentucky, Texas.

      I've been a Firefighter for nearly 22 years. I'm the Driver/Operator on my crew, and an EMT-Intermediate as well. Every station has a job-within-the-job and I have worked at the "Fitness" station for 11.5 years. We are all Certified Personal Trainers, with an emphasis on Firefighters. Many of us have additional certs. We are tasked with the department's health and fitness. I've embraced the Department's Fitness Test as a personal competition and have maxed the test out each of the last 5 years, becoming only the third to max it out in 2017. I still love the job 800-2000, but waking up at night has become very disruptive. I may be a spring-chicken around these parts but Firefighting is a young man's game and I'm on the downhill side, very close.

      I love Reading, Model Railroading, Heavy Metal (95% of my collection is heavy), Movies, Football, Baseball, Bodybuilding and Strength Sports, and of course Track and Field. The 1984 Olympics are what sucked me in: King Carl, Evelyn, and friends.

      Teams: NFL - Raiders - starting with Plunkett, Branch, Van Eeghen, Rod Martin, Kenny King iteration. MLB - The Orioles. Steady Eddie Murray is by far my favorite player. Ohio State Buckeyes for D-I and the Mount Union Purple Raiders for D-III

      An after-thought of an athlete in HS but in my 30's and beyond I started caring.

      Competed in Powerlifting with in-meet PRs of 391 squat, 276 BP, and 480 Deadlift, unequipped in the 181 class. I've recently started that journey again, and barring injury!! I'd like to compete at 165 and get the elusive x3 bodyweight Deadlift.
      Senior Member
      jazzcyclist You partially inspired me with your "before 50" bench press talk a while back. Thanks for getting me kickstarted.

      I have two college-aged daughters, SR and FR, both majoring in Biology, for now. The oldest one was a pretty useful 400m runner in HS with a 59.33 PR and was lead-off leg of the Bronze 4x4 at Texas State. She made the ACU Track team and actually scored 1 point in a meet before the distractions of college life knocked her off course. With much relief, she is now a student only and life is better for everyone, much as we all enjoyed her career. The youngest was HS Salutatorian (An avowed introvert, her first lifetime speech was in front of 2000!) She has become fantastic at crochet, baking, a violinist in process, she has a cassette deck in her pickup, and wants to hunt so she can learn to tan hide! Shrug? She is an anachronist of sorts, and she will be a force to reckon with going forward. The right husbands will land two catches, provided they can handle what's coming.

      My current thing, put on hold by C19...and I lost momentum and haven't picked up again, is...stand up comedy. Here's the one day a recording was successful and survived.

      Bless my wife, she was the videographer. Last but not least...

      I've been married to my lovely wife for 22.5 and she truly is my better half. A fantastic mother and a patient friend. She's a Counselor (of the mind) at Abilene Christian. I tease her that her salary has tripled while the girls are attending that outlandishly priced institution. She's from Barbados and we make it back (or she goes without me!) as often as possible. With my parents in AZ the last 23 years we are torn between Barbados, Ohio and Arizona. Makes for a lot of traveling.

      You there, on the motorbike! Sell me one of your melons!


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        West Africa? I've been to Ghana. Love palm wine.

        I see Mali just north....what were you doing there..
        Conor Dary
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          Originally posted by Conor Dary View Post
          West Africa? I've been to Ghana. Love palm wine.

          I see Mali just north....what were you doing there..
          Home school teacher for two MKs. Missing my (future) wife. It was a learning experience, for sure.
          You there, on the motorbike! Sell me one of your melons!


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            Mali is a tough place...Ghana was really nice. .though very humid.


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              Originally posted by Merner521 View Post

              Pole vaulters keeping the youth demographic here going! Not only am I also not yet 40, I'm just barely past 39. Will there be anyone < 40 here a year from now? hmmm
              Hah you must be a few months younger than I am, I'll be 40 at the end of June