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  • Originally posted by scottmitchell74 View Post

    And NFL football is getting tens-of-millions per game.

    What do you think his happening?

    I for one would watch random weekday games on ESPN
    epoxy floor coatings tampa​(saw the Jerome Lane backboard game on a Monday?) but now I can't abide NCAA until March and can't abide the NBA at all - all 3's and no D.

    I wonder if that's something?

    For example: D is better in the NFL this year than in a long time, and I wonder if people are enjoying that?
    Does anyone know when to start emailing college coaches and go on unofficial college visits, I’m currently going into my sophomore year so would I have to wait another year?


    • I know nothing about NFL or football in general, and I have no interest.

      But in basketball, offense sells tickets. LSU-Miami last night was cringeworthy. Iowa-Louisville was pure theatre. I don't care how good LSU's offense is, but Miami scored onre more point in the first game than Clark did in second. Iowa scored more points both in the first half and the second half than Miami did in the entire game.

      Speaking of which, the last Iowa team that made the Final Four in 1993 was the excat opposite of the current team. That made me wonder, was there any other team, male or female, which had such a drastic change of style after a coaching change? (I know there was one coach between Stringer and Bluder. But she was Stringer's assistant. So she probably followed the same model.)


      • Originally posted by Conor Dary View Post

        4,5,5,9 seeds in Final 4.
        Second-largest sum (23) since they expanded to 64 teams in 1985. Largest sum is 26 from 2011: Kentucky (4), Butler (8), VCU (11), UConn (3). Smallest sum is 4 from 2008: North Carolina (1), Memphis (1), Kansas (1), UCLA (1).

        Final Four.png


        • Originally posted by DrJay View Post
          Interesting stats about Hubert Davis’ lack of use of his bench this season.

          Hubert Davis is in a no-win situation, as is Jon Scheyer. How would you like to follow those legends, and in Hubert's case, two legends in Dean Smith and Roy Williams


          • Found a treasure trove of audio interviews with old UK players on the UK Libraries website....Issel, Dampier, Hagan, Pratt, Nash, plus many from the 1970s onward. Issel's was good. One of the things he talked about was someone wanting to the be the guy that followed the guy that followed Rupp, not the guy that followed Rupp.


            • Originally posted by bambam1729 View Post

              Hubert Davis is in a no-win situation, as is Jon Scheyer. How would you like to follow those legends, and in Hubert's case, two legends in Dean Smith and Roy Williams
              I think Williams was wise not to take the job right after Smith or even Guthridge. Instead of becoming the guy who succeded Smith, he became the guy who replaced the guy who succeeded Smith's long time assistant.


              • Anyone remember the names Phil Bengtson (Vince Lombardi), Gene Bartow (John Wooden), or Ray Perkins (Bear Bryant). Not to easy to follow the Gods.


                • If Kellie Harper had directly succeeded Pat Summit, she would be under heavy criticism now. But Holly Warlick was so bad that the expectation had been lowered.

                  Harper was horrible at NC State and was fired after four years.

                  On the other hand, Notre Dame has had a very successful transition from Muffet McGraw to her former player / assistant coach Niele Ivey.


                  • I don't think there is anyway to predict who will become the next great coach. In 1981-84 who would have predicted that Mike Krzyzewski would become Coach K and do all he did over the next 40 years?

                    When I was team doctor Steve Spurrier was the Duke football coach and he was great. He left and Duke chose his defensive coordinator, Barry Wilson, to succeed him. He seemed perfect. Tough guy, former Marine, players coach, smart, nice as you could be, but very tough. I thought he would be great. He was not and only lasted about 3 years.

                    I certainly can't predict on coaches.


                    • I thought Slatey was a very good coach at Temple. She completely exceeded my expectations once she moved to South Carolina. So it is hard to predict if you are observing from outside.

                      But I think there is an important difference between the UT and ND situations I wrote above. I don't think Summit ever considered Warlick (for that matter Harper) as her potential successor. I don't know whether she ever thought what would happen to UT after her. Maybe she thought Tyler (who turned out to be a terrible coach and even a worse human being) would one day inherit the program. Warlick had to take over the program when Summit was forced to step down for a health reason, and she was not ready.

                      I think McGraw recongnized Ivey's potential early on when she was still a player, and prepared her for the head coaching position over the years, first as an assistant coach and then as the associate head coach. So when McGraw retired, Ivey was ready. Tara might be doing the same with Kate Paye at Stanford, but they also have another former player who became an excellent coach. (Lindy La Rocque at UNLV.) I don't remember La Rocque as a player. She averaged 15 min and three pts per game at Stanford. Someone as unremarkable as her could become an excellent coach.

                      The coaches who are seeing their players every day might have some good ideas on which ones will become good coaches.


                      • I hope this happens. But then track & field coverage could be buried in obscurity.

                        Women's basketball seems to have found a winner with its new Sweet 16 format in March Madness and the timing couldn't be better with looming TV contract negotiations on the horizon. There were record-setting attendance at the two sites — Greenville, South Carolina and Seattle — along with record numbers for TV ratings. NCAA selection committee chair Lisa Peterson expects the format success to help in upcoming contract negotiations.


                        • Originally posted by TN1965 View Post

                          But then track & field coverage could be buried in obscurity.
                          Too late.


                          • Down go the Gamecocks! Down go the Gamecocks! And that's why they play the games.

                            Caitlin Clark is a full-grown woman playing amongst girls.


                            • Heck of a game.


                              • Originally posted by TN1965 View Post
                                No NCAA team in baseball or softball has ever gone undeeated for the season. There will be another one in basketball in two weeks.
                                I jinxed South Carolina.