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    By definition, the world of e-based communications is one free of a lot of the constraints of the past. We're happy to see that, but given the propensity for unfettered dialogue to turn into the wild, wild west, we feel compelled to issue a few basic guidelines before using any of our forums.

    Please take the time to read our "Ten-Or-So Commandments," which we'd like you to adhere to, in addition to basic on-line etiquette:

    •1. This is a catchall forum that serves as a sounding post for things not directly related to current track & field competition/issues. The same elemental rules apply as to all our forums.

    2. Like all our forums, you can read this one without registering. You cannot post, however, without establishing yourself with a viable e-mail address and a password. This registration does not mean you have to show your real name or e-mail address to the general public, although both are options.

    We think the use of a handle is great, but also encourage everyone to use their real name as well, and include their address, rather than hiding behind a veil of anonymity. If you're going to make provocative posts, have the cojones to stand behind them.

    3. Your posts do not go through any moderator before appearing on-site. Nonetheless, we actively screen what goes on, and any objectionable posts will be terminated. With extreme prejudice.

    4. The definition of "objectionable post" rests solely with T&FN. Be advised up front that sexist/racist material is 100% out of bounds. As are accusations/suggestions that athlete/coach X is involved with illegal drugs.

    5. If you want to discuss politics or religion, there are other sites far better equipped to handle your desires. Don't even think of getting into it here. The same goes for drug topics that aren't directly related to track and/or the Olympics.

    6. Please don't attempt to play cop. That's the job of the moderators. If something you find objectionable stays up longer than you think it should, that's because on this world-wide Board people are posting 24/7, but the mods actually do get some sleep.

    The best way not to be offended by a thread is not to open it. Hint: if it's in all-caps, has bad sentence structure and includes the word "sex" you probably shouldn't bother opening it.

    7. Try to sell something commercial on any of our forums and you'll find it bounced. Note that the "Trading Post" forum is a place where amateurs can sell/trade things that further their personal collections.

    8. Although T&FN does moderate all forums to a limited amount, our so doing in no way guarantees the validity of any information contained in any post.

    While T&FN staff will endeavor to make the board a valuable reference source (our motto is "facts, not fiction," after all), the content of every post remains the responsibility of the original poster, and T&FN accepts no liability resulting from bad information posted herein.

    9. You must be at least 13 years old to make posts to the board. That's the law.

    10. T&FN reserves the right to quote you--without compensation--both on this site and in the magazine, Track & Field News, if you post here.

    11. Please respect the copyright of others: do not cut and paste whole articles to this site. Using the principle of "fair use," there's nothing wrong with quoting small snippets of copy in to, but if you want somebody to read a whole article, please provide the URL. The same goes for copyrighted photos.

    12. Commercial telecasts are copyrighted and are not to be pirated. That includes much of what is on YouTube. Links to these will be summarily removed by the mods. Repeat offenders will be banned.

    13. Please try not to highjack threads. It's very easy to wander off topic, we realize, but exercise restraint. Particularly when it comes to turning a relevant Current Events topic into a discussion of something other than track.

    14. This isn't a personal message board. If you want to get into a 2-person debate—particularly when you are highjacking a thread—please take it off-line.

    15. Above all, try to remain courteous, adhering to the old adage, "it's not what you say, it's how you say it." Insulting your fellow posters is a good way to get banned; insulting the mods is a certain way. If there's the slightest chance your dry wit might be misinterpreted, consider throwing in a smilie.

    And now...... on to the threads!

    (edited on 26 September 2008 to add points 12, 13, 14 & 15 and refine some of the other language)

    Copyright © 2008, Track & Field News