Well, I know this is shameless self-promotion, but I feel it is a necessary evil. A fiction novel I wrote centered around distance running is due to be published in August (so long as the printing process goes as planned).
Obviously, I want to sell the thing, and I think that many potential customers would be at this forum, so I thought I'd do a little P.R.
The book is called Breaking Stride and information about myself and the work can be found at my website www.stephenpaske.com I apologize for the fact that the picture of the book is not yet mine, the cover art is not yet complete. Nevertheless, check it out if you want. Distance running books aren't too common. And if you think you might be interested drop me a note through the contact the author section and I'll make sure to get you information on how to order once it's available. If you'd also spread the word about the book and site, it'd be much appreciated. Thanks much.