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A bad World Cup IMO


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    Re: response

    Originally posted by BillVol
    I really don't know much about track. I know more than the average guy, but probably less than any poster on here. But I love the sport and follow it.

    Anyhow, I appreciate your response. The atmosphere around the WC is hard to beat. I grew up with football, too. Lived in Santiago, Chile for two years as a kid. Colo Colo, Universidad de Chile "La U," Union Espanola, Universidad Catolica -- those were the first "pro" teams I was ever aware of. Not the Yankees or Celtics or Cowboys.

    I played in the dirt fields all day. I think I know the game. But I'm removed enough from the "diehards" to look at the game objectively. My dad lives in Milan and has been to a bunch of matches, too. I'm basically echoing what he has said to me. None of my posts are original! ;-)
    Thanks, nice reply. I'd like to think I'm objective too, but it's probably too late for that - Leeds United and England are a passion, have been all my life, and will always continue to be so. Trust me, both this lot have given me 0-0 over the years - some dull, some too thrilling for words. It will also be so.

    Respect - you don't like the low-scoring games, and I've never met an American who does. But with a father who lives in Milan, you should be even more used to it than me! But I still maintain that the crux of the game is to score, and - for me at least - it stops there. The rules won't be changed, nor should they be. I hope one day that you see a 0-0 draw that turns you on!