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Anyody mentioned that Bruce Arena out as US soccer manager?


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  • Anyody mentioned that Bruce Arena out as US soccer manager?

    I'm happy for a change, even though Bruce wanted to stay on. It doesn't like Klinsmann wants the job, but he would be perfect.

    I've never had a lot of faith in American-born coaches. These guys from the New England states, like Bruce Arena, who played in the time period before the '80s just don't have a real feel for the game IMO. Seems like the New England states were the only places where soccer was really played before the '80s. Although St. Louis has always been a great soccer town. I was reading about Brazil '50. The U.S. media contingent was made up of exactly one person: A sports writer from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch who was a soccer fan and paid his own way to Brazil! Now the U.S. media contingent is much bigger.

    Anyhow, I like an international guy as coach. I still miss Bora as our coach. Like all coaches, he was criticized. But I think he did well.

    We were too conservative in Germany. I'm glad for the change.

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    jurgen lives in ? california

    i suppose if he didn't have to do too much travelling across continent, he might be persuaded


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      Best news possible for US soccer. Sorry tafnut, but he had to go.


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        Originally posted by Daisy
        Best news possible for US soccer. Sorry tafnut, but he had to go.
        I'm an Arena fan, but I even posted that he made some bad decisions during the WC. It's almost as if he had convinced himslef he couldn't be wrong, so keep doing the same thing - getting the same (mediocre) result.

        But . . . he has earned the right to continue IF he really wanted to. He's not stupid and he's learned from this mistake. His greatest 'problem' was doing so well last time. He thought he was on the right track and it was too late before he realized he was getting derailed.

        But . . . change is good too. Do NOT, however, think Klinsmann is The Answer. The K-man had a better cast of characters to play with than Bruce did. Arena understood American Soccer (not the same as ANY other country) better than anyone else, and the K-man will struggle to mold a team in his image (which is, admittedly, a good image, i.e., attacking, free-wheeling but disciplined soccer). The USA will continue to struggle through 2010, but the talent is coming up now and we cannot be denied too much longer. In my lifetime (my new favorite measuring stick, cuz it means SOON!), we will reach the Semis.

        Bruce was a 'good coach' and I wish him all the best in whatever he does next, but yes, time for a new beginning.


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          And now he IS the NY Red Bulls' coach. He says we (USA) can't be competitive till 2014 at the earliest - probably right but seems like sour grapes.