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Road race peeves!


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  • Road race peeves!

    Here's one. Many times before the race there is a long line into the men's room. One time someone told me, "These people are lined up to go number two; the urinals are all open." So I followed this guy and walked past the line and sure enough there were a ton of urinals open. This was at the Expo 10K in Knoxville one year. Restroom was at the Knoxville Coliseum. No one said a word as we walked past the line.

    So, next year, there was the line. Except this time I had something in my eye and it was bothering me and I needed a mirror. I didn't even have to use the rest room. So I confidently strided past the people in line. Wouldn't you know about ten people started giving me the business. "Excuse me, where do you think you're going?" "There is a line here, buddy." "He must be a VIP and doesn't have to wait in the line."

    I got in the rest room and the urinals were empty, I noticed. I got to the sink and was able to get the foreign object out of my eye. I was really steaming mad at this point and was going to confront these people, one in particular.

    On the way out, I see them. "Guess you really had to go, huh?" I was so mad at these guys I just decided it was best to keep walking.

    The pet peeve is this: Lines for the restroom should be designated #1 or #2.

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    Re: Road race peeves!

    Originally posted by BillVol
    The pet peeve is this: Lines for the restroom should be designated #1 or #2.
    Have brown ones and yellow ones?


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      If you need a urinal, your road races are much too classy for me.


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        We usually have portable pottys at races. Expo has the coliseum next door, though. Good idea on brown/yellow!!!


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          AHH, my favorite subject..poop! Poopin is always a problem at a race because you usually need to use "Mrs. Beasley" a couple of times at least. Your body knows the effort thats coming during the race and it saying," Everybody out!!"

          So what do you do if there's a long, long line and the race starts in 15 min.? You have to take preventive action. Get up early enough to give your body time to "lighten" itself. Get to the race early and go directly to the bathroom before the lines get big. Then check in and go again if neccesary. I can always find a place to pee if needed-sorry ladies.