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    Originally posted by gh
    I can still taste Topps lo these many years down the road.
    And yours had to be even MORE stale than ours. Mine were obviously baked in a ceramics kiln before I got it, because it was completely devoid of any moisture whatsoever. Tasted like cardboard, and had a consistency of pine sap (and yes, of course, I ate that stuff as a kid, didn't everyone?)


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      Opening a pack and finding a Johnny Bench card was like dying and going to heaven.


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        Originally posted by gm
        Wait a minute.... you have been to every county courthouse in America (or something like that), yet you expect us to believe you have never even SEEN a baseball card?
        The key word is "knowingly." I am aware of their existence and have seen pictures of baseball cards but, nope, don't remember ever seeing a real live baseball card.
        And, yep, I have visited and photographed every county and parish courthouse in the USofA ( 4000 + or - ), with the caveat that Alaska does not have counties. There are 23 Alaska boroughs but only ten have "real" courthouses. I have photographed seven of the ten, lacking Nome, Barrow and Kotzebue, which are well off the beaten path and require some serious logistical planning.
        Along the way, I also photographed every state capitol and governor's manison , with the exception of Wyoming, where I was denied permission to step inside the privacy hedge. This was 15 years ago. I was told to go home (Texas) and write for an appointment. Hardly seemed worth the round trip since I was standing at the gate. So, Wyoming gets a blank space in the book and a picture of the "old" governors mansion in downtown Cheyenne, which is readily accessible and has a lot more "style" anyway..