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Does Chiropracty work ?


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    I can say that I met a friend of a friend that was a dr of osteopathy at a holiday dinner..... we were discussing some kind of treatment for some well known illness.... If you have time and $$ to burn you should definitely have an Osteopath look at you every now and then, especially if you are bored... They sound really really weird... I did learn enough to know that he makes millions in the business by having more than a handful of very very wealthy clients..
    ... nothing really ever changes my friend, new lines for old, new lines for old.


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      ask yourself, iam a injured, or out of WACK. WACK he can "help" but injury
      takes time.



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        many thanks to everyone for their advice

        i'm going to give it another 2/52 on the analgesia & try some modest exercise

        this is the first time in my life i've experienced chronic severe pain & disability & it certainly has been an eye-opener !

        i'll be a lot more sympathetic in the future to patient's with such problems, instead of just dismissing them with a quick prescription

        i've learnt a painful lesson...


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          you should see a dr.. at least he will give you some more certainty about what you did to yourself... no doubt that twisting (as in a golf swing) is very bad for the middle aged back.. discs are not to be under pressure AND twisted.. very naughty....

          I would guess that you need some serious rest for an extended period. things should get better and that gives you more time to figure out the MDs diagnosis
          ... nothing really ever changes my friend, new lines for old, new lines for old.


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            No. It does not work.
            Stephen Paske


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              A good chiropractor, massage theraphist, athletic trainer can give you immidiate relief from your problem.
              Long term, you need to balance out your body. (Golf is a one-sided, repetetive activity). Randy Myers, Sea Island, GA Golf School, originated many golf specific stretches and strengthening routines. He used to work for the PGA School in south Florida, and developed exercise programs for many of the touring pros. Used to be golfer just golfed. Now many, (not John Daly!) train.