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When was the last time you eat Spam?


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    [quote=bad hammy][quote=tafnut][quote="bad hammy":44wjomj3]Didn’t stop you from comparing corn dogs to dog poop . . .[/quote]

    You err (again), sir. Show me where I said that.[/quote]
    [url=""] ... 128#307128[/url]

    And you resorted to needless name calling - the last refuge for a lost argument . . .[/quote:44wjomj3]


    bad hammy, you ignorant slut, your powers of ratiocination continue to astound and amaze me. By your logic you are going to have to eat dog-s*** in order to discuss the relative merits of its delectability.
    is me saying YOU (not I) would have it eat dog-stuff! Your utter lack of logic never ceases to bedazzle me! As for my name-calling, YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!


    What was that??!! O-M-G, it's the Inanity Detector Alarm System!
    Duck! The IDAS Monitor is coming with the hook!


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      This whole thread is totally inane. Its mindless and without any merit. The idea that the great OZ would swope in and zap you is what i live for because its madness and i love madness. I believe you are safe here in "not track and field land". So play and be silly, please.


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        I don't do inane. Over and out . . .


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          Does Spiced Ham from a producer other than Hormel qualify?
          Tom Hyland:
          "squack and wineturtle get it"


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            A few years ago, some friends bought me this as part of a birthday present:

            But I still can't bring myself to trying spam again. It must have been over 10 years since I last tried it. Same goes for any other processed meat in a can.


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              First of all, for the title of this thread, it should be "ate" (past tense).

              Second, Spam really isn't bad. The squeamish might be put off by the list of ingredients on the label, but Spam and similar processed meats use pretty much the same ingredients, and most hot dogs and sausages are nearly identical in composition as well. Salami, anyone? Real Italian salami can't even be imported into the U.S.

              Third, and despite my endorsement of the taste of Spam, I admit that my appetite for the stuff has never been that great. It goes back to a college room-mate (I had some strange ones) who ate a Spam sandwich for every meal....That was all, a fried slice of Spam between two slices of Wonder bread.

              I also once (briefly) had a rooom-mate, now deceased, who finished off every meal with a peanut butter-and-jelly sandwich, and yet another room-mate who was addicted to ketchup....Ketchup on everything. He carried his own bottle with him at all times. I realized how irredeemable Bill was one day when I saw
              him put a big dollop of ketchup on apple pie a la mode - for non-U.S., that's apple pie with a scoop of (usually) vanilla ice cream.

              Odd food tastes might be worth a separate thread on this message board.


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                I voted 25+ years, but don't if that is true. I'm pretty sure we had it a couple times when I was young, but it is quite possible that it was a knockoff of some kind. Mother Renfro was tight with the specie.

                As I have never been to Hawaii (except airport on way to Hong Kong) or the Carribian, I haven't been where Spam is part of the cusine. I suppose that some sort of potted meat may have been offered at a B&B in the UK, but I don't remember such.

                I guess the closest I come now is various pates, which are probably similar, just don't come in a can.