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Most un-healthy breakfast you ever eaten


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    I once had a mouthful of mushrooms, the ones that take you to another place, and a six pack of beer for breakfast. Then i tried to play some serious golf. I was laughing so hard that thru my tears i thought the dragon's mouth was open but it wasnt. Bummer.
    Thats not funny!


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      Easy. Back in my quite-younger days, a room temperature beer.


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        Originally posted by marknhj
        Originally posted by mike renfro
        So there I was, at the local super, gathering for the tailgate on a Sunday morning. Had eggs, had whipping cream, had a bottle of cheap gin, had a lemon. The clerk sain "breakfast of champions". I replied, it's worse than it looks, I'll be blending it all together. Actually, not the whole bottle of gin. Ramos fizzes was our game morning libation for over 30 years.

        Actually, the most unhealthy breakfasts I had were probably in Britain. The usual suspects, bacon, eggs, grease toast, plus baked beans (I thought the Who album jacket was a joke, not so) and tomatoes (usually stewed). Yum. It did get us through to tea. I usually got double on the eggs, as Mary eats 'em only in Ramos fizzes, souffles and the occaisional frittatta (sp).
        You mixed gin with eggs and cream???? That is an outrage!

        Re: Full english breakfast (which I believe only American guests in B&B's and English ex-pats watching football actually eat these days): grease toast??? You'r referring to fried bread which is delicous especially when used as a baked bean delivery system; stewed tomatoes??? They too should be fried and are also very tasty!
        You will note I specified CHEAP gin. Of course we wouldn't use the Bombay Saphire or Tanquery in a fizz. Just an olive and ice for me. Oh, grease toast is just our name for the fried bread. Actually, I think I got that from a Brit. I didn't say the breakfasts weren't tasty, just probably not healthy. And the tomatoes came in various guises, fresh a couple of times. We travelled in Great Britain for 6 weeks in '89. Bracketing with ECup & W Cup. Really enjoyed the trip.


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          Originally posted by SQUACKEE
          Originally posted by nevetsllim
          In the summer holidays, I was in Cornwall for a few days and I was near St. Ives and we stopped off for breakfast at this cafe/surf shop and I had a sausage, double bacon and egg bap with ketchup and a massive hot chocolate (knickerbocker glory size) topped off with cream and chocolate drops. It was delicious but I burnt it off with a very hilly 3 mile run in the afternoon across the coastal footpaths from Sennan Beach to Lands End.
          My math tells me you ate about 1,000 calories. Running burns about 100 calories a mile so i dont know. But your young so no worries!
          Actually, come to think of it, the run lasted about 33/34 minutes which meant I ran about 4-4.5 miles but I just wanted to make the most of a sunny day really.