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Doping conspiracy and WTC 7 - 9/11 - Terror agenda


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  • Doping conspiracy and WTC 7 - 9/11 - Terror agenda

    Doping conspiracy and Illuminati Terror agenda
    13 September 2006

    Authorities search home of Jan Ullrich
    Former Tour de France winner Jan Ullrich's home in Switzerland was searched Wednesday by authorities, along with nine other homes and offices of people suspected of involvement in a Spanish doping scandal.
    A statement by Germany's Federal Crime Office did not say whose homes or offices were searched. But Ullrich's manager, Wolfgang Strohband, confirmed that his and Ullrich's homes were raided.

    The recently married Ullrich is on his honeymoon and was not at home during the raid, Strohband said.

    Jan Ullrich, like Justin Gatlin, Kostas Kenteris, Marion Jones or Dieter Bauman, is more than just an eyewitness of the doping conspiracy that I was the only to expose.
    He was a victim of the most horrible conspiracy ever seen in sports.

    The same day, 13 September 2006, the first act of the terror agenda for 9/11 eyewitnesses, the WTC 7 chapter, was explained first time worldwide. Guess by whom... Article:

    In the 9/11 script, the Pentagon, was the first chapter of the terror agenda for the general public, by letting them see without any doubts that it was an inside job.
    But for a small audience, it was WTC7 that was planned as the first chapter in the "terrorize the sheeple" agenda. That audience was the eyewitnesses of the mass slaughter in Lower Manhattan. That's why the footage of the WTC7 collapse was first kept away from the public by the Web of Disinformation.

    But there are other reasons to pull WTC7 the classic way - see]video "Controlled Demolition Expert and WTC7"

    The KEY reason is to help cover-up the core cover-up, i.e. that a h-bomb was used to pull the WTC towers.

    The underlying mind control techniques are suggestion and dissociation:
    - suggestion: the comparison between a classic demolition, with the visible explosion at the bottom, with what people saw before, the WTC towers with visible explosions at the top, suggests that "planes" caused the WTC collapse, since there was no plane involved in WTC7.
    - dissociation: the web of disinformation soon started using massively WTC7, since the opposite images of WTC7 (classic demolition) vs. the WTC towers (unprecedented demolition) would prevent people from adding 1 + 1, i.e. that in both cases it was a demolition.

    Finally WTC7 was used as part of the distraction agenda ("the dancing Israelis did it") and the "destruction of Israel" agenda ("Jews are evil"), by using the illuminati agent Larry Silverstein, playing the "evil Jew", divert from the basic cover-up (inside job) and suggesting 9/11 was about real estate, i.e. diverting from the goal of the 9/11 operation:
    - collect cannon fodder for the ground operations of the Third World War;
    - terrorize the sheep so that they keep quiet until they are slaughtered in the final showdown of the Third World War.

    --- added after first "replies"

    Did I hear "conspiracy theories"? ... riott.html

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    Re: Doping conspiracy and WTC 7 - 9/11 - Terror agenda



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      YAY - Matt's back!! . . . oh wait, never mind. . . been there, done that . . .


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        It all fits together for me: sheeple, gatlin, wtc007....... I finally get it, like a diamond bullet right between the eyes.. it is so simple: "these conspiracy theorists really are, I mean really really are mentally ill" (that is a quote of the uttered words of paulthefan)...

        It is dawning on me as well that the mind is a very moldable organ.. just like muscles; hearts, thighs calves.. they react to how you train them and can be either damaged or strengthened by what we do to them and feed them. If fed a constant diet of fantasy and faulty logic the brain will actually respond and become used to that unreality. Reality will be uncomfortable to it. Fed long and trained hard enough the result is a useless, disfunctional, twisted organ... enter the illuminati.
        ... nothing really ever changes my friend, new lines for old, new lines for old.


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          bad hammy says: All 9/11 conspiracy theorists are wacko, just plain wacko. Thanks Matt, for proving my point!


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            Matt is very,very clever. Very cool if you will. But Matt your sooo naive. Dat whole 9/11 thing was contrived and conducted by.......are you ready, are you ready for the truth? Harpo Marx's ghost! Deaf my ass! Think about it. Who had motive and oppurtunity? Not Harpo,and what a perfect cover. Honk, honk! Honk, honk....honk!


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              "Did I hear "conspiracy theories"?"

              In your own echo chamber, yes, of course, and by the dozen.


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                Ok, back to the case for Harpo Marx's ghost being responsible for the 9/11.

                Ted Swartz told led investigator, Pat Murphy, that he heard a distinctive " HONK ". right before the second plane hit.

                Now, with all the emergency trucks and ambulances blasting their sirens and yes honking of horns, the average person would dismiss this. But not so fast.

                Mr. Swartz, a middle school teacher with notin more than petty crime in his past, said it was not of this world. " It was just so differant really and i instantly knew who was behind this. It get chills just thinking about it and to this day i cant bring myself to watch Day at the Races or Night at the Oprea ".

                When asked why Harpo Marx's ghost would want to attack New York Mr. Swartz becomes agitated and always says the same thing, " How the hell should i know! The only thing i DO know is what i heard that day.

                You can buy Mr. Swartz new book, " Harpo Marx, funny man or mass murder?" at your Barnes and Knobles for $39.99-hard cover.


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                    What, did you finally get a day pass or something??


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                      google "matt marriott" and "conspiracy".... 1090 interesting hits


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                          don't you usually get "guantanamo'd" if you post this nonsense ?


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                            "Doping"? Thought That Was a Locked Topic

                            Love the way PED's get backdoored into ancillary threads. Creative.



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                              If MattM and DaveW had a conversation, would the universe cease to exist?