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"New" Beatles Album To Be Released


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    Re: "New" Beatles Album To Be Released

    Originally posted by gh
    I know some one who saw Love and was blown away. I might wait to get the dvd and expeirence the whole thing.


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      The music has already been used as the soundtrack to the theatrical Cirque du Soleil show called "Love."

      "This music was designed for the Love show in Las Vegas but in doing so we've created a new Beatles album," George Martin said in a statement.

      I've been told that even jaded show biz veterans have left this show totally speechless. I'm going to a conference in Vegas in November and have front row seats.


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        Everything Cirque does leaves me speechless. Couple of weeks ago checked out the new "Delirium," which is an arena show, heavy on music, light on "circus" and it delivered the goods big-time.


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          Here's the "Love" show:

 ... 73D515BADD

          I just saw "Quidam" here in Cincy with my girlfriend last month(she was taken onstage to perform in one of the clown's acts lol). Fantastic.
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            90 % of the songs selected for love were written after 1966. I also thought they're best stuff started with revolver but ive changed my tune. Maybe im a bigger fan now, i dont know. But their early stuff is brillant, catchy pop. Its just as well written as the latter stuff but its pop, which is easily dismissed. Please. please me, No reply, Hard days night. If i fell, And i love her, In my life, Cant buy me love ect ect. I love the youthful and postive energy of these early gems.