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Time To Put "The Messiah" On Hiatus?


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    Originally posted by paulthefan
    Im sure we could find something by Mendleson or Beethoven that is just as inspired and inspiring to use for the next 200 years, plenty of time so that a fresh look at Messiah will be well deserved.
    LvB "Missa Solemnis", FM "Elijah" might fill the bill.

    One of our "traditions" musically, for the holidays, is "The Canadian Brass Christmas". Their take on the 12 days is a hoot.


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      Can't get enough of this version by the Roches


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        Originally posted by tandfman
        I usually play Bach's Christmas Oratorio at this time of year. Messiah, too, if I have time. When I was a kid, the staple was Bing Crosby's album of Christmas carols. One of these day's I've got to get that on CD (assuming it's available--I haven't looked).
        I made a run for dinner for Xmas eve (zounds, found pretty cheap Dungeness here in SD, thought that would be for trips back to bay area). The local classical station started the Xmas cantata just before I got back home. I cranked it on the radio at home, turned the sound off on the football, and had a pretty wonder soundtrack for NFL. I do need a recording of that.