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Baby Boomers = Dopers & Drunks?


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    Originally posted by tafnut
    Originally posted by SQUACKEE
    Ive seen good natured teasing but ridiculed? Can you give us an example?
    Apparently I live in 1958 by myself, out of touch with reality and the object of scorn and derision!!!
    Jerry Lee Lewis sang High School Confidential in the 1958 movie of the same name. ... /2424.html
    Here is one mans take on the movie.
    Five minutes into High School Confidential bad Tony is smoking a reefer in the principal's office. Back in class, he's hitting on his teacher. Why not, he's 22... She returns him to the principal, who confiscates Tony's knife.

    At home Tony's horny incestuous aunt puts the moves on him. But he's only interested in that blond good girl who's jonesing bad for a stick of marijuana. Real bad; the last girl in this town who smoked marijuana became a shivering heroin junkie sold into prostitution
    An informal poll of the three places that sell tobacco products within 200 yds of my house last year came up with this basic average : rolling papers out sell tobacco for handrolling 20+ to one. One store does not even handle rolling tobacco and he said he sells about a dozen books of paper a day and rarely ever gets asked for rolling tobacco.
    By 1956 or 57 I had been exposed to pot in a meaningful way and was not even a teenager yet.
    Just today I walked by two adults(35-45ish) enjoying a noon time doobie. A casual "smells good" got me an offer of a hit, no cloke and dagger stuff just an outstreched hand and a take it nod. The Viperculture is still alive and well in NYC.
    Stand with the tobaccobuttheads outside any Trendoid East Village Bar and "sense" the odor.

    Tom Hyland:
    "squack and wineturtle get it"