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vindictive prosecutors trying to nail high school girls


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  • vindictive prosecutors trying to nail high school girls

    the prosecutor in the long beach track girls halloween case is venomously trying to put 2 kids back in jail for a probation violation that is incredibly ticky tack and trivial. apparently the 2 kids were doing some of their community service by helping out at a track meet, taking times and measuring long jump marks and the venomous prosecuter wants them to go to jail for that. imagine what the prosecuter would want to do to a kid who stole a piece of bubble gum. this was discussed on another thread and i was outraged when i heard what happened, the judge convicted 9 of 10 of the kids and then gave them time served which angered many people. now i see the 2 kids as victims in that the prosecutors are going after these kids for something that could not even be considered mickey mouse. it is sickening how low they will stoop to try to put these kids in jail. maybe the prosecution got the wrong kids and the malicious prosecutor would just try to put anyone who was accused in jail. my prayers are now with our fellow track runners as they have to walk on eggshells to avoid being railroaded. sincerely doug burke

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    This was your post at the time:
    according to the front page of the california section of the los angeles times the nationally known high school track stars alleged roll in the incident is repeatedly punching the girl who was hit in the face by the skateboard (previous reports said the skateboard had her already knocked out). punching someone repatedly after they have been knocked out, sounds very bad.
    There were NO winners in this case - certainly not the victims nor the 'criminals' who got off fairly easily.


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      I guess I have a different view of who is venemous in this situation. Seems to me that the kids who were convicted of having beaten others are the dangerous people here, while the DA who is trying to be sure they pay some consequences is doing the job that the rest of the citizenry pays taxes to be done. I can't see these young offenders as being victims of anything except their own lack of respect for the rest of us...


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        Sounds to me like everyone is trying to establish the ground rules here. Not a big deal. I do note however, from the article, that one of the two girls were at the meet because mom didn't want her to be at home alone. If allowed to stand that doesn't sound much like a rigorously applied house arrest.


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          . . . uh . . .

          I suspect there are a LOT of guys out there (and maybe some in here?) trying to nail high school girls.


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            Re: vindictive prosecutors trying to nail high school girls

            Originally posted by doug091463
            apparently the 2 kids were doing some of their community service by helping out at a track meet,
            Did you read the article? They were not doing it as part of their sentence-related community service, it was for their GRADUATION-required service.

            "Because the community service was for school, not her sentence, it was deemed acceptable(by the probation department)"

            And then there's this:

            "Her older sister, who is a 17-year-old senior(also one of the convicted) and a nationally ranked track star, was there as well, but only because the girls' mother did not want to leave her home alone"

            Now it's easier to see why the DA is upset.
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