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  • Movie Ratings (Casino Royale)

    I know this movie is about to come out on DVD so this is old news, but. I was shocked after I watched this movie that it was rated PG-13. I realize the MPAA is not responsible for my decisions on what my kids do and don't watch but I could not believe it did not earn an R. I recall at least three scenes that would in my opinion earn an R immediately. When taken in the total context of the movie I just could not believe it somehow managed a PG-13. Anyone else out there have a similar reaction? Or do you think I am just some old fuddy-duddy. BTW my kids did not watch it (nor will they anytime soon) and I am only in my 40's.

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    The infamous naked torture scene doesn't actually SHOW anything (though the repartee is pretty racy). Since it is PG-13, I guess the MPAA figures 14-year-olds have seen much more than this and I'd have to agree. I assume your kids are under 13, yes? In which case you have done the right thing and used your parental perogative to preclude their viewing (that you know of - who knows what they see at their friends' houses) What were the other 2 scenes? I saw it twice and the only thing that stands out in my mind was the torture scene, but I'll take your word for it that there were other problematic parts.


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      The killing the guy in the bathroom scene and the choking the guy to death in the stairs (or elevator I can't remember) also really bugged me. The part where the guys legs twitch in the stairs struck me as just too much.


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        Originally posted by tafnut
        The infamous naked torture scene doesn't actually SHOW anything (though the repartee is pretty racy)...
        I really thought it was tasteful that they didnt show the shadow cast by Bond's swing back and cigar..

        Nevertheless while the new Bond is clearly the best ever, the story was incredibly dull, 20min of monaco card play is much too much for someone that doesnt watch the pokerchannel.
        ... nothing really ever changes my friend, new lines for old, new lines for old.


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          Come on man, this is America. We can see all the killing we want from birth on. It's in the Constitution. Now, if there's a teat or a butt cheek in sight that is outrageous to the moral fiber of the country and will deservingly earn that R rating.