i decided to sponsor 6 kids 3 from compassion international and 3 from food for the hungry, when reading the kids profiles it seemed more than half of the ethiopian kids listed running followed by jumping rope and hide and seek surprisingly i did not see any kenyan kids list running as their favorite activity, but soccer, hide and seek, jumping rope and rolling the loop(whatever that is) are listed as tops on their list. the other countries i did not see any kids list running as their favorite activity, i heard with american kids video games and watching tv top the list. so maybe the active lifestyle has something to do with the african kids success. it seems like some african runners run forever, geb, tergat and derartu tulu have been around for a long time. when i was in college half the kids on the team could not wait for the season to be over and many american runners talk of retiring before age 30, we no longer see guys like john kelly win boston twice and still running boston 61 times finishing 58 of them, and for a long time in p.e. classes coaches have made kids run as punishment. maybe the africans see running for what it is a fun thing, whereas a lot of americans view it as drudgery, maybe that is also a difference.