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L'Equipe reports on Floyd Landis


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  • L'Equipe reports on Floyd Landis

    Developments in the Landis case--you know Landis, the guy with the hat on backwards:

    1. As always, the lab leaked the results to L'Equipe before notifying anyone else.
    2. Although the whole issue of the case is the credibility of the French lab, only that lab was allowed to test Landis' B samples.
    3. All of Landis' B samples supposedly tested positive, although only one of his A samples had. What are the chances?
    4. Although it had been agreed that a representative of Landis could witness the testing, he was excluded from the testing.

    Sounds fair to me!

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    Re: L'Equipe reports on Floyd Landis

    Originally posted by unclezadok
    3. All of Landis' B samples supposedly tested positive, although only one of his A samples had. What are the chances?
    Any possible (scientific) explanation?


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      What the Floyd Fairness Fund has to say ... 70200NB088


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        The railroad job on Landis continues . . .


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          Hmmm, is the "second" round of B-testing producing "better" results than the first round, and have they fixed all the problems with the first round tests with this second re-testing?

          This is not even funny anymore -it's absolutely atrocious. The only thing this second re-testing has confirmed for me is that USADA is in cahoots with the French lab in trying to hide the vulnerabilities of the testing methodology. It's also clear to me that the French lab knows exactly who's samples they're testing, and there's significant political pressures to produce a "certain" outcome.


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            And just consider this one part of it--this lab has, time after time, leaked confidential information about drug testing to L'Equipe. Are we to believe they are leaking this for free? And if they are being paid for the information, how much credibility can this lab possibly have? And of course how much more valuable is the info when it's a supposed positive test on an American?
            As for the B sample testing, either they screwed up every test of Landis' A samples except one during the Tour, or they are using a test now that they didn't use on the other Tour riders. Which one puts the testing process in a worse light? I can't quite decide.
            And of course the mainstream media never asks any questions, they just keep running the photo of Landis with the turned around cap (why not photoshop-in an orange suit?) and saying of course this proves he's guilty. Next time this may happen in track and field--maybe it already has.
            Maybe Landis is guilty--the process has been so thoroughly screwed up, and so competely unfair, that I doubt we'll ever know.