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Hey dad, can I borrow the P tonight?


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  • Hey dad, can I borrow the P tonight?

    Weighlifter caught with Dad's urine in a condom Wed Jun 20, 2:46 PM ET

    BUCHAREST (AFP) - A Romanian weightlifter has been banned for two years after trying to fake a drug test by using urine supplied by his father and carried in a condom.

    Victor Alexandru Pretoi turned up at an out of competition control with the intention of using his father's urine in place of his own to try and trick testers, a spokesman for the Romanian anti-drug agency (ANAD) said on Wednesday.

    With their suspicions raised by Pretoi's jumpy behaviour testers carried out a search and uncovered the attempted bid to foil the control.

    "Victor Alexandra Pretoi, a weighlifter from the Steau club, turned up for an out-of-competition control with a condom filled with urine from his father and held in his left palm with the knowledge of his manager," the ANAD spokesman confirmed.

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    Where's the Whizzinator when you need one?!


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      " Hi son, whats happenin?"

      Well dad, remember that bike i wanted when i was 10 and i didnt get it? Well you can make up for it and make me the happiest son in the world if you will only pee into this Trojan lamb skin rubber. Did i mention its ribbed for your pleasure?

      " Son, your insane! Back away slowly. Your sick and need help."

      Aww dad, first the bike and now i cant even get you to drain the ole lizard into a rubber. What kind of father are you! Will you at least poop into this dixey cup?


      Spit into this bucket?



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        Father not necessarily complicit in activity - he maybe partially incontinent ,use prophylactic device for catch dribble. Son retrieve thing from weareverer.
        Take good care of yourself.