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Most Bizarre Thing You Ever Saw in Sport?


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      Originally posted by dakota
      Grenada then attempted to score on their own goal to prevent the match from going into overtime, but Barbados had already started defending Grenada's goal to prevent them from succeeding. The two teams then spent the remaining few minutes with Barbados defending both ends of the field as Grenada tried to put the ball into either goal, but time expired with the score still tied.
      That's hysterical - I would love to see video of that!!!


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        Originally posted by dakota
        Hard to beat this example.


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          Bobby Knight.


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            Originally posted by dakota
            You saw that game? If you didn't, I must say, I'm you're not the first poster on this thread to mention things they never saw. At least one mentioned things that never even happened!

            But I do think we've gone astray here. The subject question asks about things you saw, not things you read about.

            If you did see that Barbados-Grenada soccer game, I envy you--that must indeed have been an absolutely bizarre thing to sit and watch.


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              I assumed that the thread meant things that were witnessed in person. I saw many of the mentioned bizarreities (TOE, is that a word?) on TV, but was not at the event. In my memory, the Colts game where Curtis drilled the interloper was regular season, but memory, in my case, is a sometimes thing. I'm pretty sure it was on national TV.

              Most of the things I actually saw involved field event incidents. Several HT into the crowd, one DT taking a chunk out of a chick's arm (back to ring, talking to friends), broken PV poles (most memorable, Roberts at OT '76). Those suckers really make a lot of noise when they snap. Probably, the highest was at an all comers meet in Los Gatos several years ago. Oldfield was throwing, as well as his posse (I think Trafalis was there). They threw, and marked the throws. When they were done, they drew the the sector lines and measured. Wow, no out of sector throws.

              I had a pretty good view of another bizarre play. HS football, we were down by 7, had just failed on 4th down, less than a minute. We came with an all out blitz. The outside linebacker got there first, hit the QB who was trying to us up all the clock. The ball was loose, so I grabbed it and took it in for the game tieing TD. Not so fast, my friend, missed the PAT, lost by one


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                Originally posted by mike renfro
                bizarreities (TOE, is that a word?)
                It is now!


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                  Did I miss it above or has no one mentioned the Munich 1972 Basketball finals where the entire world watched, dumbfounded, as the Soviet team was given three chances to win in the final seconds and then finally did sink the game winner after a blatant charging foul was ignored by the officials.

                  Wasn't it also Munich where the American vaulters had their poles confiscated and were obliged to use the same implements that eastern Europeans were accustomed to using?


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                    Great get on the '72 Oly hoops robbery. The Americans refused the silver medal.

                    But Munich was eerie from the onset- as posters over 45 will recall- boxers suffering highway robbery to judges (an American in the lighter classifications named Reggie Jones comes to mind), questionable gymnastics judging, a water polo fight (albeit not as bad as USSR-Hungary '56), the U.S. sprinters missing their heat, the Matthews/Collett shoeless protest, the phony marathoner entering the stadium first, and of course,The Black September.

                    I believe after the Games a U.S. swimmer (Melissa Belote) was stripped of some medal(s) for using a medical inhalant.



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                      I recall watching a track meet on TV, back in the early to mid 1970's, run in Madison Square Garden. They were covering the womens mile relay. On the final leg, two women were running very closely, well out in front of the other team or two. As MSG had a small track, the two "ladies" got a bit physical in trying to take the fore. Bumping turned to shoving and eventually ended with the two of them stopping and whipping on each other with their batons. This lasted just long enough for the runner in third to pass them for the win.

                      I apologize for not having dates or meet names, but the memory of those two wailing away on one another wil last for a lifetime.