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U.S. Losing Billions In Tourist Dollars


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    Originally posted by mojo
    Originally posted by tafnut
    The USA may be losing tourist $$$, but I'm bleeding $$$ out of every pore over here in GB, completely discombobulating the balance of trade for the next 200 years!!!

    :roll: :roll: :roll:

    I feel sorry for your wife if this is all she is hearing.

    & who do you think is responsible for the grievious bodily harm done to taf's wallet ? :P


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      Originally posted by kuha
      The global economy thanks you! Stay dry!!
      oh yeah, not only did I pick the MOST expensive time to come (and no mojo, my wife is 'laughing' at the money hemorrhage as much as I am! But it's still fun!), but this is the wettest summer EVER here, leading to much of central England flooded! Can I pick 'em or what?!


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        A few months ago, my wife flew with our, then 4 month old, daughter. The TSA official stopped her in security and asked "Are you carrying any bottles of milk or juice for the baby?"

        She replied, "No."

        The guard looked at her suspiciously and said, "REALLY? You're NOT carrying ANY milk or juice for the baby?"

        "No, she's breastfed."

        "Ah ha! So you do have milk for the baby!!!".

        "YES IN MY TITS!!!"

        The borderline mongoloid finally realized what was going on and let her through but not after the entire line behind her busted out laughing at him.


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          LOL Cooter!

          Surprised he didn't ask to see the offending ....weapons. :P


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            Originally posted by lonewolf
            I always cringe when I am routed throuigh KCI to anywhere...until recently, you had to go through security again if you were just going from one gate to the adjacent gate.. and there were no restrooms or services inside the waiting area.. that has improved slightly.. still no concessions but they have figured out to make a restroom available without going through security you only have to go through security if you go from one concourse to another.. inside the same airport!!..
            No airport is perfect but KCI is high on my least favorite list.. Dulles is toooo big, minimum1/2 to 3/4 mile walk from main terminal to any concourse gate, O'Hare is almost as don't have to go thru security once inside but , no matter where you are going, some evil genius has perfected the art of scheduling connecting gates at the far end of widely seperated concourses.
            O'Hare does not have a monopoly on this.. Phoenix and Las Vegas are pretty good at making you take a hike too..
            I like the Casper, Wyo airport... you walk in the front door, cross the 50' diameter lobby and out the back door to your what if you still have to climb stairs?
            Side-by-side comparison of O'Hare and Casper.
            Lonewolf, you are good. LOL.
            "A beautiful theory killed by an ugly fact."
            by Thomas Henry Huxley