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  • CHINA !!!

    I'm just starting my 3rd week in China visiting public schools and holding informal English classes with kids and teachers, mostly in a "small' city of only 600,000.

    Those of you lucky enough to have booked for the Beijing Games are in for an eye-opener experience! If you haven't been to China (and recently) then whatever notions you have about the place are wrong. It is by far the most amazing place I have ever traveled - dynamic, complicated, contradictory, and booming with an economic surge that might be unparalled since America a century ago. China is so far behind the States in some ways, and so far advanced in others, but, for better or worse, energy and resourcefulness are evident every second, everywhere you look. This is the face of the future - like it or not.

    Haven't been to Beijing yet and we are told that it is expensive and not as hospitable as these small towns of 600,000, but here in the boondocks people are dying to learn and speak English and an astonishing number of them are pretty damn good at it. Chinese people have been the most helpful, generous and courteous nation I have ever visited. Food in this part of China is absolutely delicious and we fed 11 people to the point of overflowing in a restaurant last night for $17 American, including multiple pitchers of beer.

    Predictions for the games:
    The weather will be horrendous (read hot and steamy).
    The facilities infrastructure for competition and tourists will be first class.
    The service force will be very accomodating but lacking sophistication levels that some tourists will expect.
    People will be appalled by the traffic jams (worst I have ever seen), driving skills (non-existent), and some of the public toilets.

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    Re: CHINA !!!

    Originally posted by jhc68
    People will be appalled by the traffic jams (worst I have ever seen), driving skills (non-existent), and some of the public toilets.
    Traffic jams might be a god send. Last time I was in China I have never been so scared as when being driven from place to place. Cars had no seat belts and everyone drives as if they are the only one on the road. It's like playing chicken across a highway. Anything that slows them down is a good thing!


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      Yes, the first two posts in this thread are spot on.

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