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SI Profile on Earl Monroe, 11/4/68


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  • SI Profile on Earl Monroe, 11/4/68

    vintage Deford:

    The Doctor Works His Magic
    By Frank Deford
    Issue date: November 4, 1968

    Gimpy, hobbling along like an arthritic old man until the game begins, he comes onto the court and suddenly is whole and strong and agile, as if touched by some faith healer. Renowned for his flash, he is actually the model of efficiency, controlling the ball, and with it the game and the crowd, until, with a whoosh of verve, he has made the play.....

    [Hello?! What part of copyright violation do you not understand? You can reprint about as much as I left here above, then you give the URL for the rest. This is out and out piracy--we do not condone such on this board. Thank you. gh]