I follow just about every sport and I was somewhat startled by the performances of Margaux Isaksen. She recently won the US women's modern pentathlon championships with a score of 5528. The thing is, she's 15 years old. And her run wasn't very good in that meet--for one thing, thd event was at altitude. If she had had the same run as she did in the subsequent US juniors, her score would have been 5708, which would be the highest woman's pentathlon score I've ever seen (there may have been higher ones, but I haven't seen them in my occasional checking out of this sport--the 2004 Olympics were won with 5448). All the scoring is on objective tables, like track multis, except that fencing is affected by the level of competition, so that she would be expected to score a little lower in world competition. However, she's an excellent fencer--this will probably be a strength of her future competitions on the world level.
This is a little like Hannah Carson coming to the senior nationals next year and throwing 220. (Maybe she will).