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When Universes Collide - Tafnut meets Eldrick AND Jon


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    Originally posted by tafnut
    Originally posted by Kevin Richardson
    "Well, at least it wasn't a four queue meet. " This was the post at which I started laughing......Nice comment Tandfman. :lol: .
    Oooh - I JUST got that . . . four queue . . . 4Q . . . fork you . . .

    Just kidding, just kidding!!! :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
    Take good care of yourself.


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      Originally posted by tafnut
      So then I went to the meet and who should walk up behind me but JON, our own Limey Journo! I was very suprised to see that he looks MUCH older than his tender 12 years (OK, maybe he's 14 now) and actually was extremely at ease and comfortable in the presence of such a luminary as myself! (Must be because he's always chasing after people like Isi). We only had about 10 minutes to talk, because he was actually on the clock for his slave-drivers . . . I mean . . . employers. He said he liked his job a lot, cuz he only has to work two-thirds of a day (i.e., 16 hours), 6 days a week.

      He really did strike me as MUCH more mature than one would EVER suspect from his posts here and I liked him a lot! We were supposed to meet up after the meet, but the security dudes rushed me out afterwards, so he never had a chance to find me again (I guess there is the slim chance he was just ditching me, but who WOULDN'T want to sit down and talk to me for hours - even Eldy liked me!! :-) )
      Originally posted by gm
      Having met Jon in Ostrava, I must say I was quite impressed. Online does no justice to his personality!
      I only just saw this thread for the first time when this section of the forum was locked. Cheers guys for the kind words - but both of you were every bit just as polite and friendly, if not more so! Looking forward to more meet-ups in future.