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Who Knew?? (Barry Bonds Edition)


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  • Who Knew?? (Barry Bonds Edition)

    According to Wiki, he graduated from Arizona State with a degree in . . . criminology! (I guess pharmacology would be just a tad more ironic!!)

    (Oh come on, gh, there is nothing problematic in this thread/post . . .) :lol:

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    My 18 year old son asked me about Bonds yesterday.

    I really did not know what to say.

    After thinking for a moment or two, I started talking about Hank.

    My son knows more about steroids, than Hank! He hung around some elite HS FB players recently. Scary!!

    Thank goodness Tony Gwynn is long, long time family friend.

    I got off the topic of BONDS and onto Gwynn, who thankfully, I've known since he was 10..................


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      I can't believe how excited I was with Aaron's run at the record and I wasn't that much of a baseball fan. A few seem to agree: ... _article=1


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        Irony of ironies - the pitcher (Clay Hensley) who served up Bonds' record-tying 755th homer is a convicted PEDler: ... thru.0694/

        Also, the HR was not good for his career - he was sent to the minors today: ... 095296.htm


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          Jon Lovitz talking about Barry & Bud. I saw it on tv a couple of nights ago - very funny.

 ... y_bon.html