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    It must suck to be a manager when one of the legends is pursuing a career milestone. The team becomes hostage to the chase. I remember reading how the Orioles manager felt like his hands were tied when Cal Ripkin was chasing Gehrig. He had to play him every game no matter how much his skills diminished and how bad a slump he was in.


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      No mention in Wdnesday's Denver Post as it was a late game on the West Coast, then today only a very small article on the inside of the sports section about how he was relieved it was over. Not even a small headline anywhere about him actually hitting 756. This is the kind of coverage it deserves.


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        Now that the HR chase is done, Bonds may want to sue you . . .

        Burris said the purpose of the announcement and his retention as Bonds attorney is not to go after media publications or to curtail free speech and opinions against the controversial baseball player.

        Instead, he said, it is to stop those who might think they know something about Bonds from telling a false story.

        In his press release, Burris referred to Bonds former girlfriend who made accusations in a Playboy article and a former business partner who supposedly told the FBI that Bonds had evaded taxes as examples of what kind of statements he would investigate.

        ``We are not interested in reporters, free press or freedom of speech rights,'' Burris said. ``We are not going to go on a witch hunt.''

        However, Burris said he and Schneider will investigate past statements and any statements made in the future. ... ci_6613969


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          [quote=bad hammy]
          Originally posted by guru
          Originally posted by bad hammy":1unl7dnu]With his own (probably short-lived) Wiki page: [url="
 ... all_fan%29[/url]
          Short-lived? Don't bet on it.

          Those two actually changed the course of important games. Murphy is just a lucky stiff. The entry is already marked for deletion and is on the way out.[/quote:1unl7dnu]
          Gone . . .