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Cincinnati Mayor Refuses To Fire Starter Pistol At Race


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    My ONLY point was that guns are not always 100% destructive but can be defensive. I live a few miles away from family that was raped and slaughtered and a defensive weapon may have saved their lives as one at Virgina tech may have.

    I dont like guns, dont have a gun, never fired a gun but theres one thing i fear far more and that is being a victim because i have no way to defend myself. I wish there wasnt one gun on the planet but there here and lunatics, rapist and murders will get them. What are the good folks to do? How do i protect my family?


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      I agree that guns can be defensive. But I also think the mayor may have considered the ratio of deaths (offensive) in his city to handguns in relation to the number of lives that were saved (defensive) because of them. I don't own a gun, don't feel a need to purchase one, and don't have a problem with those who want to purchase them. I don't ridicule NRA members, nor those who decide to take a stance against hadguns.

      As a family man, my biggest fear are those individuals who traditionally do their thing in secret when adults arent around...or are sleeping -- as in the case of Polly Klaas, Elizabeth Smart, Jessica Lunsford, etc. In those tragic situations, the parents could have had a weapon in the nightstand next to their bed, but the outcome would have been the same.