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Attention "Blade Runner" fans


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    I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.

    Hang on, I'm starting to sound like malmo.... :shock:

    I agree with tafnut, greatest sci-fi film ever. And pipped only by the LotR trilogy as greatest film of all time.

    Yes, I'm a closet sci-fi / fantasy geek as well. Anyone for D&D?



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      Originally posted by gh
      I was almost afraid to drive home alone in the dark!

      Had that feeling once after a movie. It was one of those quick action/make you jump deals in the flick "When A Stranger Calls" (original, with a very young and very gorgeous Carol Kane): she turns to her husband in bed, the figure rolls over and it's the bad guy!!

      Helped to be part of a double-date, all participants slightly drunk. Even after another six hours of pizza and non-alcoholic beverages, was still looking in my rear view mirror at the empty backseat...!

      Right up there with the "touching and tender" Caesarian birth scene in "Alien." :]

      As far as sci-fi, I have a soft spot for the cult classic "A Boy And His Dog" starring Don (Miami Vice) Johnson. But then I'm a Harlan Ellison fan...


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        Originally posted by Brian
        Right up there with the "touching and tender" Caesarian birth scene in "Alien."
        And that one scene has forever scarred me. Whenever a pregnant lady says she can feel the baby move or a dad-to-be says he says he saw the the belly move (better yet, they say they saw a little hand or foot pressing against the abdomen!), I cringe at what I imagine is about to happen next and cover my face!!! :shock:


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          Re: Attention "Blade Runner" fans

          Originally posted by gh
          Babs is gonna hate me owning three DVDs of a movie she thinks is sucky no matter what.

          Sweep her into your arms, kiss her, and tell her the fact she hates these movies is part of the reason you fell in love with her.

          After the puzzled look (and the hopefully not projectile vomiting), explain to her that the ratio of males to females who like "Blade Runner" is about a bizillion to one, so in not liking the movie, she is reaffirming the feminine qualities she possesses that captured your heart in the first place, lo those long years ago.

          Then run out to Best Buy before the schlock wears off.

          You will still have to explain "long years ago" wasn't a passive-aggressive crack about her age, though. Be ready.


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            I was just reading a review of this new cut and I commented to my wife that I saw BR at the theater when I was 10 (my parents did not believe in censorship at all when i was growing up). She replied, "is that why you're f**ked up?"