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What Would You Pay Not To Stand In Airport Security Line?


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    KevinM wrote:

    "...In my experience travelling from NYC to PA, NY, and RI, Amtrak is less reliable, professional, and more expensive than any airline I've flown..."

    It can be pricey in the afternoon and eves (DC-Bost, not NY-Pa, which is so short as to be inexpens.), but there's no security line, one may bring liquids, toothpaste, lotions, shav. cream, or beverages, have more than one carry-on, disembark fast, and if one factors in the two hours early that Logan/BWI-Marshall/JFK, Reagan, LaGuardia all suggest on either end, it's not that much longer of a day. They often don't even post the gate # at Boston South Stat. or DC Union Stat. until about three min. before the train pulls off anyway.

    Fares aren't as bad as they were in 1990's and early 2000's. NYC-Prov. in the a.m. can't be bad, and if one had to book a flight on say (short), a week's notice or less, the train's an easier day, and less expensive.

    If I know I'm headed to Bost. or the Vineyard from DC two or three weeks out, I fly.



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      Here's a story about a guy who went through airport security without any intention of getting on a plane. He wanted to buy a bunch of stuff at Chick-fil-A and the nearest one was an hour and a half's drive away. But there was one inside security at a nearby airport.


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        Having all of my personal information on government servers all over the country (DOB, SSN, mothers maiden, etc) is a small price to pay to save myself a 15 minute wait in line at the airport.
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