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Best book about a coach?


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    Originally posted by polevaultpower
    Originally posted by gh
    Track coach, or ANY?
    Well any coach, but I would prefer track/XC as I figure that would be of more interest to me.

    Going international always impresses domestic academia.

    There's a huge amount of info, probably easily gotten online and from most libraries, on Arthur Lydiard. With Artie, there's also the "radical status quo challenger" idea (interval training to his continuous running/aerobic power training), plus the politics of the various federations he's worked for during his coaching career.

    But for sheer subject matter, go with the coach's coach: John Wooden.


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      "Spizzerinctum" -- the Ray Bussard Story. Book about great Tennessee swimming coach. It really is a fantastic read.


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        The Cerutty suggestion is certainly worth investigating. A very well written biography was written by Graem Sims a few years ago. The author was interviewed at that time on Australian radio - see the transcript for an overview of the book.

        One aspect not mentioned above was Cerutty's attempt at trying to be a professional in a decidedly amateur era. In Australia, unlike the USA, there were no employed coaches, at least until Franz Stampfl was hired by Melbourne University. The relationship between these two contrasting men is also well examined.


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          Very good bio, but also very old, is "High Above the Olympians," a bio of Stanford coach Dink Templeton, written by Bud Spencer.

          It's well written, detailed and very accurate, one or more of which seems often lacking in modern biographies which are sometimes little more than fluff pieces.

          The book would give you insight into the coaching war between East and West, an early look at yearlong training (for more than just distance runners), development of technique, etc.