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Natural Disaster and You: What Would You Take?


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    Shoot First, Ask Later

    Katrina looters.



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      I guess all of that is obvious. I just can't imagine myself doing that. I think I'd rather take what I can and flee, rather than litter my home with the blood and the bodies of people I'd shot (even though shooting them would probably be legally and morally justified).


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        Forget natural disasters. Look at what this one gold bug is saying:

        "The only real life solution will be a more visible totalitarian state complete with rationing. If you believe rationing will not happen, just look at the crack spread, the difference between the oil price and gasoline price. It is rising dangerously, crimping energy firm profits. Unless the gasoline price rises by 50 cents, we are certain to face shortages, lines to buy gasoline, and fights. Next come riots. In fact, job loss, home foreclosure, food prices, gasoline shortages, and bank runs will likely be the basis of social chaos in the next two years. One will not be capable of recognizing the US landscape in ten years, maybe five years. The whole world will be watching." ... 10807.html

        Some really scary stuff in there.


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          My back issues of TAFNEWS would be in there somewhere.


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            Re: Natural Disaster and You: What Would You Take?

            Originally posted by bijanc
            You're told you have three hours before a mandatory evacuation due to flooding, fire or funnel cloud. Packing important items into a vehicle, what would you take?

            (apologies if the thread has been prev. done- I'm sure someone will inform me with all the attendant courtesy reserved for such notices)

            My partner & her cat, some documents and memory sticks of photos and writings, toilet paper and beer. I know we'd agree on the kittie, and we'd both bring an extra pair of running shoes.


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              Same items I bring with me on every journey: Two memory sticks and the laptop.


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                Originally posted by MJD
                Forget natural disasters. Look at what this one gold bug is saying...
                those idiots time comes once/generation, so obviously they are going to make some noise now that it's that "time"

                still, can't knock these idiots, they've been constantly on the long-end of gold call options for past 27y, basically lining anyone's pockets who wanted to take candy from a baby


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                  Still makes for frightening reading. More of the same:



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                    thank you for that

                    "goldman sachs"

                    calibre link


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                      Not sure what your point is there. I like to read all views.


                      Read some of the message board stuff there. References to what to do when everything goes to hell in a hand basket. And this is what I alluded to in another thread. The drastic steps that need to be taken and won't be. And this isn't a political post.

                      "Hell, I think you overestimate the ability of any US politician to even understand the issue and its ramifications for the coming decades. The problem as far as the US is concerned is intractable. Implementing a $1 per gallon tax on gasoline is anathema even to the Democrats. Even proposing such a thing is unthinkable. My prediction is that if the Democrats take control of the White House and keep control of Congress next year, they will spend at least a year investigating the oil companies who, according to the public, will be accused of holding back the oil. Rather than tell the people the truth (and 1/3 of American school children can't even find America on a world map) and implement harsh measures sooner to head off absolute disaster later, they will beat around the bush without doing anything constructive. Then, after 2 or 4 years, the public will be so fed up with the Democrats' inablility to "do something" about the price of gas, and they'll be out and the Republicans will be back in. Also with no plan to deal with the energy crisis. And on it goes. Interesting times."

                      There are some reasonably bright people even on this board who are blaming Exxon and his highly paid CEO for the oil woes. Quite the trick with only 3% of the supply.


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                        Re: Most Value

                        Originally posted by bijanc
                        In a flash fire in Zihuatenejo, Mexico that occurred circa 2000 n a dwelling constructed entirely of wood and thatch, the most irreplacable items someone I know lost were cassette recordings of his daughters singing when they were about eight and three years old respectively, a walking stick that had belonged to his great-grandfather (who was born into slavery in Va.), and recordings that Ornette Coleman and, if memory serves, Don Cherry, had done as a gift to him. In a letter concerning the accident those were the three things he mentioned, not store-bought items, equipment or furnishings.

                        Only other loss he could bring himself to mention was nearly all of the wood carvings and totems he creates.

                        Oh, my, if it was ornette Coleman, then it was almost surely Don Cherry, the piccolo trumpet player who made all those free-form jazz sides with Ornette. Wild stuff, controversial, and invaluable stuff..... I sold my little fat trumpet at a yard sale to a guy with a Cheshire cat grin and a bouquet of sodden hemp/


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                          Originally posted by SQUACKEE
                          Wow, Bad Hammy-the survialist! who would have thunk it.
                          Added to the cache this weekend. Decided that driving over hill and dale (we are surrounded by a lot of public parkland and watershed) to get away from whatever could be easily prevented by your average gate with lock and chain. So, 36" long bolt cutters now reside in the bed of the truck.