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    No sport is more about tradition, than NCAA football. The media loves ....

    Knute Rockne
    The Four Horsemen
    Red "The Galloping Ghost" Grange
    "win one for the Gipper"
    Jim Thorpe
    Paul "Bear" Bryant
    Glenn "Mr.Outside" Davis
    Doc "Mr.Inside" Blanchard
    Woody Hayes

    ..... and their heros die hard. They want/need Notre Dame to be in the hunt. The Big10 has to be treated with the utmost of respect, that's what Woody and Bo would have wanted. The South Florida's, Rutgers, Boise States have no historic anythings, so they don't belong. Oh yeah, Rutgers did play the first college football game, then went downhill from there. It's ok to give USC some props, after all John Wayne did attend and even played some football.

    Then there's the SEC.

    Once upon a time, black players either played out west, up north, or back east, if they stayed in the south, they played at Grambling/Southern U/Florida A&M, or one of those other small black southern schools. While the NFL was well aware of the talent there, the NCAA pretty much ignored them. Once the Southwest Conference and the Southeastern Conference began to allow blacks to play, (had no choice if they wanted to compete with the teams that had black players) everything changed.

    Since 1990 there have been 18 schools with 130 wins or more.

    2.Florida St...160
    4.Ohio St...154
    9.Virginia Tech...139
    10.Texas A&M...137
    11.Kansas St...136
    12.Penn St...134

    Notice the power of the Big12 and the SEC.? The Big10 has three teams there, the Pac10 only USC.

    Now notice that Nebraska, Miami, Kansas St, Notre Dame,Florida St are all way down now.

    This season the SEC has had...

    South Carolina

    ...all ranked in the top 25. No other conference has had more than four teams ranked.

    Let's look at what teams have had 40 or more wins since 2003.

    Boise St...46
    Ohio St...41

    As we see no...

    Notre Dame
    Florida St
    Penn St

    The SEC being the only conference with three teams mentioned.

    What conference has the most players on current NFL rosters? Yep...SEC!

    Right this very moment, the defending National Champions...SEC! The number one team in the nation...SEC! Last seasons top NFL draft pick...SEC! The QB of the defending Superbowl champs...SEC! Oh yeah, he beat an SEC QB!

    The bottom line is this....

    Yes the Big10 has Ohio St/Mich, the Pac10 has USC, the Big12 Texas/Oklahoma.Then there's Boise St, Hawaii, West Virginia etc, Yes Kansas is hot "right now." It's when it comes to quality and quantity over a long period of time that really counts. No conference has had more "good" teams year in and year out, than the SEC. Look at how many bowl teams will come from the SEC this season.

    Then there's...

    College Football: SEC strongest conference by small margin

    We've all had that dream -- the one where you're back in high school or college and you're late for a midterm exam and haven't studied at all.

    Well, we had one last week, forgetting about our annual mid-term conference-by-conference grades. Just call them the "Six-Week Warnings."

    Southeastern (B+): Yes, the SEC is on top, but not by the margin its often-obnoxious fans think. The trio of No. 3 LSU, No. 9 Florida and No. 14 Kentucky is just enough to keep the Dixie Boys on top. The rest of the league is a bunch of questions (Alabama, which lost to Georgia, which lost to Tennessee, which got hammered by Cal and Alabama). Even gritty Auburn has to live with a home loss to Mississippi State, which is nothing compared to South Carolina's clunker at home to Vanderbilt on Saturday. Points also deducted for the laughable non-conference schedules of Arkansas (North Texas, Chattanooga, Florida International) and Vandy (Richmond, Eastern Michigan, Miami of Ohio).

    Pac-10 (: The Surfer Boys are the only league with three schools (No. 5 Oregon, No. 7 Arizona State and No. 9 Southern Cal) in the top 10 this week. If Stanford (3-4) hadn't stunned the Trojans or No. 18 Cal (5-2) crumbled, the Pac-10 might be on top. But underachievers like leader UCLA (awful losses to Utah and Notre Dame) and just plain bad teams like Arizona, Washington and Washington State (combined 6-16) are too much to overcome.

    Big East (B-): Excellent parity (West Virginia, South Florida and Rutgers all ranked and, combined with lurking Cincinnati, the four are 23-4) with only two schools (Syracuse and Pitt) with losing records is impressive. Louisville a disappointing 4-4 and some puzzling non-conference losses (Rutgers to Maryland, Pitt to Navy, Connecticut to Virginia, Louisville to Utah) is not. Look for West Virginia to run the table and win the league.

    Big 12 (B-): Again, 12 teams and only two losers (Iowa State and Baylor) is fine. But is anybody other than No. 4 Oklahoma really good? Second best will be whoever wins the Kansas-Missouri showdown Nov. 24. The mess at Nebraska is appalling. The worst non-conference gaffe is Oklahoma State losing to Troy, not counting A&M coach Dennis Franchione's pay-for-info Web site scheme. The explosive offenses of Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, Texas and Kansas State will cause foes problems come bowl time.

    ACC (C+): Non-conference woes (no-shows by Va. Tech at LSU and Miami at Oklahoma, Atlantic leader Virginia's loss at Wyoming, N.C. State to Central Florida, North Carolina to East Carolina) drag the hoopsters down. Boston College (7-0) hardly looks like the No. 2 team in the land and is sure to plummet Thursday night in Blacksburg. Florida State and Miami are a combined 9-6, proving there are no sure things in expansion.

    Big Ten ©: Embarrassed by Appalachian State and humiliated by Oregon, Michigan is still a Big Ten title contender. That tells you all you need to know about the league. Maybe we'll finally find out about No. 1 Ohio State (8-0) after Saturday's trip to puzzling No. 24 Penn State. This much we do know: Iowa and Minnesota have lost to wretched Iowa State and I-AA North Dakota State, respectively, while Northwestern is the only D-I team since 2004 to lose to Duke. And did we mention how overrated Wisconsin and Purdue are? Thank goodness for plucky Indiana and Illinois.

    WAC (C-): Gifted Hawaii QB Colt Brennan is a hoot to watch, while Boise State is proving it is much more than a Cinderella. Fresno State (5-2) will be a tough out in a bowl for somebody. But when the rest of the league (San Jose State, New Mexico State, Nevada, Louisiana Tech, Idaho and Utah State) is a combined 8-16 outside the conference, it's hard to beat your chest much.

    Mountain West (C-): Air Force (6-2) has been a great surprise, TCU (4-4) somewhat of a disappointment. Leader BYU (5-2) lost a 55-47 defense-optional shootout at Tulsa. Colorado State broke a 13-game losing streak with a 48-23 romp at UNLV on Saturday. The MWC did go 3-1 in bowls last year and needs to do that again.

    Conference USA (D): Little more than a punching bag for BCS schools. Twelve teams and only Southern Miss and Houston (last year's C-USA title game participants) and maybe Tulsa (4-3) are even respectable. And now there's the Curse of McConaughey. Since the movie "We Are Marshall" was released last December starring the hunky Matthew, the Thundering Herd (0-7) hasn't won a game.

    Mid-American (D-): Remember when the MAC used to scare the big boys with talented quarterbacks and solid teams? Not so much anymore. It's so bad that newcomer Temple has won three consecutive league games. That's one fewer than the Owls had won the past four years. Buffalo also has three MAC wins, matching its overall total from 2005-06. Yikes!

    Sun Belt (D-): Troy's upset of Oklahoma State and Florida Atlantic over Minnesota keeps this backwater from an F. It's 19 losses in a row for Florida International, longest in the nation.


    As ya read, he isn't an SEC fan, but still has to give props where they are due. I'm from Cali and have no reason at all to praise a conference way back south. I'm a Pac10 fan. I'm also a knowledgeable football fan, so I must deal with reality. That reality, is that the SEC is the best because of .."depth of quality teams."


    If you still aren't ready to let reality enter into your life, go ahead and Google....."so what is the best football conference?" or "SEC best football conference?" or "best football conference?" or anything having to do with NCAA football and strength of conference. See what you get.

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    Re: NCAA Football

    Originally posted by Texas
    This season the SEC has had...

    South Carolina

    ...all ranked in the top 25. No other conference has had more than four teams ranked.
    Are you referring to at one time? The Big XII has had 5 ranked at one time at least twice, and all of the following have made at least one appearance in the top-25:


    The current BCS and AP rankings show 4 Big XII teams (ranked 3,4,5,13 in the BCS, 3,4,6,12 in the AP) and 5 SEC teams (1,9,12, 20, 23 and 1,8,14,19,22).