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  • Lamon Mudlow

    I'm looking at the BCS ranking in the Fresno Bee when I happen to notice

    Sierra 59 COS 57

    That's Cali JC football which gets little play. This was a tiny box scores deal it's self. Then I noticed....L. Mudlow.. 53 carries, 258 yards, six td's.....WHOA!!!!!

    53 carries!!!!!!!!!

    Is that some kind of record?

    I think it was Lamon?

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    What Washington Redskin (not Riggo) holds the NFL record for most carries in a game (albeit OT) and how many?


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      As John McKay used to say when he was second-guessed for having his tailbacks carry the ball so much, "It really doesn't weigh very much."

      I'd guess Timmy Smith, just because he is the only other Redskin running back I can recall.

      Still, Riggins has the one accomplishment that will never be eclipsed: the wonderful performance at a formal D.C. dinner where he drank a lot (even for Riggo standards), eventually ended up horizontal on the floor in his tux(ostensibly because of back pain), and purportedly called Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day-O'Connor "Sandy Baby" while urging her to loosen up a bit. There ought to be a Joe Don Looney award for behavior by a football player outside the envelope of normal reality, and Riggins should have been the first winner for that performance 20 years ago.