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Your 2007 Top 10 Movie List


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    Originally posted by Jnathletics
    Since I only saw two movies this year, here is my top 2. :P

    Mr. Bean's Holiday

    I might add Alvin and the chipmunks this weekend though.
    It shouldn't be hard to guess the age of your child(ren) . :wink:
    "A beautiful theory killed by an ugly fact."
    by Thomas Henry Huxley


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      Just got done watching Mr. Leland Gaunt run the town of Castle Rock amuck in the Stephen King-based movie "Needful Things." It:s an older movie, but watched it again for the first time in about 10 years. Ever used the excuse, "The devil made me do it?"


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        Re: Your 2007 Top 10 Movie List

        Originally posted by RMc
        I thought that they had tried to teach culture and taste at Stanfurd, but apparently they focus on something else.....:wink:
        I went to SU from 1969 - 1973. Culture and taste were anathema to the counter-culture there. It was about following one's OWN bliss. The greatest thing I can say about Stanford is that, despite being radically anti-Establishment, and specifically anti-Military/Industrial Complex, not one person ever hassled me about being in ROTC there. It was clearly seen as 'my choice' and even though very few shared my sentiments (liberal though they were), everyone honored my choices. That was VERY cool.
        So no, event tho I ain't got no Kultur or Taste, I sho do knows what I likes.


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          Just saw a superb movie, "The Rape of Europa". A documentary about the art looting that took place in WWll. Very highly recommended.


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            Originally posted by tafnut
            OK, I'm back with the worst Tied at Second Worst:
            I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (walked out on)

            Walked out on--that must have been bad. Normally, I can block out the garbage and focus on what's good. In this case, that would have been Jessica Biel--!

            I'm a big Spidey movie fan, but #3 screwed up, IMHO, by 1.) Trying to do too much, villain-wise (even the Batman flicks were smart enough to never have more than two bad guys per spiel); and 2.) The saga veered away from what made Spider-man and Marvel Comics in general great: the story-telling method of the Lee-Kirby-Ditko-Thomas, etc. era. Spidey #3 embraced stuff from the late eighties and nineties (Venom, Hobgoblin, skateboard/extreme sports patterned action stunts, villain redemption as human beings [Sandman]--sometimes a villain needs to just be a villain!). I just don't think it worked.

            Plus Toby Maguire was sporting a few extra chins, if you get my drift.

            Hopefully #4 will return to the late sixties/early seventies comics style of story-telling. Same with the Fantastic Four--can any comics fan really picture a Jack Kirby-drawn Thing being peacefully led from an Army detention cell? No way; we're talking walls coming down!

            [On the plus side, tafnut, the post-production word on the second of the second series Batman movies (Batman Year One for Frank Miller fans) is thumbs up as far as continuing the tone and feel of the first one.]