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People who misuse Bluetooth technology


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  • People who misuse Bluetooth technology

    Bluetooth are the things you stick on your ear so you can use your cell phone with no hands. Right?

    Assuming this is what they are called...people who misuse these things should be beaten. It is OK to use them in a car, of course. And I suppose you can use them at your desk.

    But any place else, and you deserve a beating. I was at Barnes & Noble the other day lookng through the shelves when out of nowhere this booming voice had me nearly jumping out of my skin. Here's this guy, carrying on a conversation with someone, speaking even louder than someone would on a cell phone, right here in the bookstore. Also, those walking through a parking lot speaking on bluetooth: beating.

    Really, unless you are an M.D., you should not use your cell phone in restaurants, bookstores, or other public areas where you might be a nuisance. But these bluetooth things are even worse.

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    I'm not sure if Bluetooth is worse, but I agree with Bill's general sentiment. If you've got something you have to talk about that instant, take it outside. Nobody in the restaurant, bookstore, post office line, etc wants to hear your conversation. If they did they'd be working for the CIA.
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      Who knew this? [wiki]
      "Bluetooth" now more commonly refers to the Bluetooth wireless specification designed to enable cable-free connections between computers, mobile phones, PDAs, printers, etc. Bluetooth in these devices is named after Harald Bluetooth Gormson, born around 910, who ruled as King of Denmark from around 958 and king of Norway for a few years probably around 970. The Bluetooth logo consists of the Nordic runes for its initials, H and B (Long-branch runes version). Harald is regarded as having united (if temporarily) Denmark, Norway, and Sweden under a single king.