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  • Jamaal Charles....

    ........will give up his NCAA eligibility and enter the NFL draft. Not a fan of that sort of thing but do understand the $$$$$$$ why.

    Of course this got me thinking about running back/sprinters. It has been sorta hit and miss actually. Who is familiar with guys like....(all in the NFL)

    Andy Hopkins....a 9.2 guy outta Stephen F.Austin....poof!!!!!
    Laverne Smith...a 9.3 guy outta Kansas...poof!!!!
    Sultan McCullough...10.17/USC...see ya!
    Cyril Pinder...9.4/Illinois....did a little, but not much.
    Travis Williams...9.3/ASU....great kick returner. Not much as a back.
    Bob Paremore...9.4/Florida A&M....poof!!!!!!!!

    Then we had...

    Napolean Kaufman (Wash) and Justin Fargas (USC)were both Cal HS 100 champs with "good" NFL careers. Reggie Bush will probably also have a "good" career.

    Micheal Bennett (Wis) is another of those with great track speed but doesn't appear to be that speedy with a football..hmmm?

    Bo Jackson never really did much as an Auburn trackster and neither did Herschel Walker at Georgia. So..hmmm?

    James Owens (UCLA) was pretty good as a Niner/Buc, as ya know more of a hurdler than sprinter however.

    Butch Woolfolk was a 9.4 guy at Michigan who did..ok?

    O.J.Simpson....first saw him while he was at SFCC. Of course at that time I had no idea who he'd become. The best of the running back/sprinter.

    Curtis Dickey (Tex A&M) was the fastest trackster/running back until Holliday came along. A 220 pounder who never really seemed to have 10.10 jets. He didn't know how to use the speed. A "good" career but should have been better.

    Buddy "5-5" Young was an NCAA 100 champ (40's) at Illinois and the first of the ultra fast NFL backs. He was great, as was Ollie "Hall Of Fame" Matson, the 52 Oly bronze medalist in the 400m. He was the first...WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bobby Mitchell was a Big10 hurdler/sprint champ while at Illinois. Would ya believe he was the halfback for Cleveland with Jimmy Brown the fullback? Talk about thunder n' lightnin'..damn!!!!!! Why they traded him..????????? He then became a Hall Of Fame receiver for the Redskins.

    Today we had Laverus Giles at Jackson State the defending SWAC 100/200 champ. Holliday of course and Cal's Javid Best another Cal State 100 champ as the nations speediest backs. Clemson's C.J.Spiller also having some sprint credentials. Oh yeah and Charles.

    No doubt Sayers, Dorsett and Dickerson all had great speed but their track exploits..???? (Sayers did led the nation as a HS long jumper..24-11- I think)

    Hayes was a running back while at Florida A&M, obviously he wasn't in the NFL. Yep curious!